Rock out with 10 of the best wireless speakers

If you're on the road then one of the best gadgets to throw in your bag is a wireless, rechargeable speaker. They're lightweight, user-friendly, portable, and pack a punch in hotel rooms, at parties and everywhere in between.

The tinny speakers on smartphones, tablets and laptops are limited, so hooking up your Bluetooth to a streamlined unit is a must for watching films or hosting impromptu gatherings away from your main sound system.

Technology in this sphere has come a long way fast, and you can invest in a handsome set with superior sound quality for not too much dosh. There are a range of options to consider before you make your purchase, particularly how and where you're going to be using the device and the importance of aspects such as sound quality. Do you want to blast away an auditorium, or just amp up a backyard barbecue?

These sleek, new-school speakers hook up to almost all smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch models. Scroll through the gallery above to check out 10 of the top options on the market right now.

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