Sam Worthington's extreme fitness regime

Action hero Sam Worthington is no stranger to gruelling body-building sessions but reclaiming a demi-god physique has proved his toughest training challenge yet.

The star of Avatar and Terminator Salvation undertook a fierce workout regimen for Clash of the Titans 2 to get him back into Perseus perfect shape in record time.

"I was doing five or six hours of training a day. I'd get up, train for two hours, eat, then have a short sleep. Then I'd get up, train again with heavy weights, eat and sleep again. By the time I finished I was a tank," Worthington told Men's Health.

The star's intense muscle-building program is the brainchild of personal trainer Rodney Johnson - best known for moulding Christian Bale's biceps into crime-fighting machines for Batman Begins.

The single-minded pursuit of bulk and definition is more athletic than artistic though, Worthington says.

"You're living like a boxer. The training is fast and furious, that means the results come pretty darn quickly. Rodney got Christian from the size he was in The Machinist - where he couldn't even do one press-up - to the size he was in Batman Begins, in less than four months."

It's an extreme regime but Worthington isn't one for half-measures.

As he explained to Men's Health, he's committed, ambitious and willing to do the work.

"Why waste the opportunity by doing things half-arsed? Whether that's mentally preparing or physically preparing, or just giving a crap about the work. Why waste time by going to every party in town? This isn't what I got into this for."


But Worthington admits that he doesn't enjoy pumping iron for its own sake, it is the physical benefit that keeps him motivated.

"I don't get a kick out of it, and I don't enjoy it. But I do see the results."

Clash of the Titans 2 is currently filming in Wales and is set to be released in Australia in March 2012.

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