Scent of a man

Anti-ageing tip: avoid splash on products, as they tend to dry you out and can irritate.

Lots of men use a fragrance, either in the form of cologne or in a more subtle way in their aftershave or deodorant. These efforts are generally well received by the opposite sex - and they can help you stay fresh when things heat-up. There are lots of options so here's a quick guide:

Aftershave used be a watery concoction that stung and burned. It contained a lot of alcohol to tighten pores and help heal small cuts and provided a hint of fragrance at a lower price point than cologne. Modern aftershave products instead aim to sooth, hydrate and nourish your skin. They tend to come in the form of creams and lotions that are lightly fragranced if at all.

The scent of cologne is strong and long lasting due to special ingredients that fix it on your skin. That means it's important not to overdo it. According to grooming expert, Will Fennell, no one should be able to smell you outside a one-metre circle. Spray a little into the air and then walk into the mist before you dress. You can also apply it direct to pulse points like your neck and wrists.

Men sweat much more than women, yet around one in five men don't use an underarm product. Body odour isn't caused by sweat, its caused by the bacteria that thrive in it. Antiperspirant and deodorant products tend to work on the problem differently. Deodorant is designed to mask while antiperspirant uses aluminium to prevent sweating.

Products designed for men and women work the same. It's only their scent that differentiates them. If you don't want that to clash with your cologne, buy an unscented antiperspirant.

Hate the feel of underarm products? You can use an antibacterial wash like Phisohex under your arms to kill bacteria, reducing your need to use deodorant, suggests Fennell.