Sci-fi inspires next trend in menwsear

With the sci-fi movie genre being a favourite particularly among men, the scenario of wearing a one-piece uni-tard to work within 20 years is a scary reality. The fashion film The Next Black outlines the very real future of tech, wearing fabric being created now that assesses our physical abilities.

At London Collections Men this year, starlight-enhanced collections from various designers appeared galactic, so much did they outshine any comic-con event. Versace went back in time with the soundtrack from Space Oddity from the late David Bowie, and Calvin Klein peppered the menswear collection with metallic madness. Sci-fi was so prominent at LC:M that it made you look at your kitchen foil roll differently.

We have lift off

Whatever your preference in this forward-thinking trend, the rule of thumb is to not overdo it. Your intent is to appeal to the cutting-edge side of fashion with know-how, and elegance not fancy dress.

Galactic genius is easy to attain in all facets of your stylish life. From home to hair, shoes to underwear, the offering is shining at you from digital stores to big retailers.  

Here's our odyssey inspiration to give you an idea on how to dress in a (manly) galactic fashion. Starting from ground zero, upwards. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see how leading designers are joining the space race. 

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