Scrubbing up

Anti-ageing tip: throw out your bar of soap.

A bar of soap can make your face feel great but your skin won't thank you. Soap strips away the natural protective oils that keep your skin in good condition.

A better alternative is a commercial face wash product. Try to steer clear of products that are overly foamy, especially if they contain alcohol or artificial fragrance found as these can irritate.

It helps if you know your skin type before you go shopping. The possibilities include oily, normal, dry, sensitive or sun-damaged. Don't have a clue? Most salons will give you a free consultation and some product advice, according to grooming expert, Will Fennell.

Tempted to use her facial cleanser? No big problem with that - skin is skin after all - but bear in mind that yours has some differences. It's 20 per cent thicker in texture, a fair bit hairier, and up to four times oilier due to its larger sebaceous glands. This means your cleansers will need to work harder than hers.

Something with some gentle built-in exfoliation will also help you avoid shaving rash. Exfoliators remove the top layer of dead skin cells that tend to dull down your complexion, leaving your skin smooth and healthier looking.

For moisturising after washing, see our shaving guide.

Body basics

If you have sensitive or dry skin, you may be better off ditching soap altogether and opting for a body wash or shower gel. These products are not as harsh and often include some moisturiser.

You don't slap them on and rub like you would soap or shampoo, though. Instead, pump a small amount on to a body-wash loofah to foam it up.

Don't use these products on your face because, like soap, they will strip away moisture. They are stronger than face wash to suit your body skin, which is thicker. They also may contain oil, which may clog up your pores.