Seven things you must pack for a perfect weekend away

Summer hours have well and truly set in and with that, so are the weekends away. Normally, picking the destination and getting there is the easy part, however, packing of the weekend carryall can be a little more complex than first thought.  

With that said, there are a few simple rules and wardrobe essentials to keep in mind before you set off down the freeway or checking into the airport. 

The rules 

Pack appropriately

By this we mean pack all your essentials, but don't go overboard by any definition of the word. Include only what you need, and then maybe throw in one or two more items for peace of mind. 

Pack carefully

Shoes and heavy items on the bottom, lighter things on top. Roll fold what clothes you can as you will not only fit more in, but who really wants to bust out a short cord iron and a flimsy ironing board on arrival? Not us. 

Pack your grooming kit

This has to be the most important rule. A well stocked toiletries should include deodorant (roll on and spray), moisturiser, tooth brush and toothpaste, a razor, clippers, your favourite fragrance (or two), a comb, hair product, and a really good cleanser. 

Now here's what to pack.


The perfect carryall

Go-to brand: Louis Vuitton.

Lets start with the fundamental basic item. Your weekend carryall. It's an easy way to pack all of your essentially items, is easy to transport and store (overhead lockers, lap or car boot) and you can make a stylish statement upon arrival if you get it right. 

The perfect white linen shirt

Go-to brand: Venroy. 

This item is a non-negotiable, and as reported previously, this wardrobe staple can keep you looking stylish with minimum effort. The best thing about it? It doesn't really need to be ironed. Wear it to the BBQ lunch, to the bar, or out to dinner. 

The perfect shoe 

Go-to brand: TOD'S. 

Probably the most versatile shoe for a weekend away, this shoe will give you enough walking comfort, enough versatility (hello, its got a name for a reason), and enough style to take you where you need to go without a whole lot of fuss. Wear them all weekend, but maybe pack a couple of colours: you can't go wrong with tan and navy. 

A perfect tailored shorts

Go-to brand: Jac & Jack 

Who says you have to let go of all style rules when you're out of the office? In fact, rules should be adhered to even more when travelling, and particularly for weekends away. Pack a couple, and go for a dark and a light pair and make the decision process an easy one. Wear to the beach breakfast, and then to the wine tasting that afternoon. 

A perfect patterned shirt

Go-to brand: Prada.

Without going all Hawaii-5-0, make sure you take a patterned, collared shirt along to any weekend away. Think polka dots, seersucker, floral  or paisley, these are all going to be shirts that will give you that instant holiday vibe as soon as you put it on. Wear to drinks by the pool, onto dinner, and then to the casino if you are so inclined. 

The perfect pair of boardies

Go-to brand: Orlebar Brown. 

Don't just limit yourself to one pair in this category, either. It may seem excessive, but there's no reason why you cant have a different pair everyday. Go for a classic, navy pair of medium length board shorts, or a bright, patterned pair for that bit of extra cut through on a crowded beach or pool. Wear them swimming, naturally but don't be afraid to wear your swim shorts (with a linen shirt) to breakfast, or lunch (we stop at dinner, I mean come on guys). 

The perfect Panama hat

Go-to brand: Helen Kaminski. 

Get yourself a good one and look after it. The Panama hat is the perfect way to bring a little Cuba to your mid-north coast holiday, and tend to work well with any one of your normal wardrobe combinations. Wear it to the beach, to brekkie, to lunch and to the bar…but then remember, when you head off to dinner, ditch the hat if you can really help it. 

Check out the gallery above to see what makes a perfectly stylish getaway.