Sexologist to spice up Valentine's Day stays

A Sydney hotel is offering the services of a sexologist as part of its Valentine's Day package this year.

The Old Clare Hotel will be hosting private sessions with in-house sex therapist Tanya Koens for the duration of the Valentine's Day weekend on February 14 and 15.

Couples who need some coaching between the Egyptian cotton will be able to phone down to reception and book an hour-long session with Koens, starting with a Q&A session where any subject about sex and relationships is up for discussion.

Following this, Koens will lead a talk about sexual negotiation and consent.

"I'll be spending a little bit of time talking to the couple about how to negotiate for those sexy things they might want to get back on the menu," she told Executive Style from her Surry Hills clinic.

"Using a framework I refer to as the wheel of consent, it's about asking for sexual requests in a safe environment."

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Hands-on homework

Koens says Australians tend to be conservative when it comes to sex and knowing how to ask for it. She hopes her hotel sessions will help them communicate their desires a little better. "I don't really know what those desires are going to be yet," she says. "One of the most common requests is regarding the way people like to be touched."

At the end of the session Koens will leave the couple with the Do Not Disturb sign, and six envelopes, containing 'sexy things' they are invited to try over the weekend. "There are a few hands-on things for them to explore when I'm not in the room," she says. "I'll also leave them with a little homework exercise where they can try out asking for what they want in bed."


Koens says this will be her first collaboration with the hotel, but she hopes it will lead to an ongoing relationship.

Complete package

The Old Clare's general manager, Timo Bures says although the package has only been advertised for a few days, the response has been immediate. "We've had a lot of giggles from the staff, and I will happily admit also a few questioning looks, but we see it as a bit of fun," Bures says.

He admits in all his years working as a hotel manager, he has never had a sexologist on the payroll before. "But there's always a first," he says. "When I worked at the Observatory hotel we once had a mariachi band on-call to play a personalised song for guests, but that's a bit different."

And despite all the interest, and several calls from curious couples, Bures concedes he's had no firm bookings yet.