Should you keep that moustache after Movember?

The Month of the Mo is nearly over, and after four weeks of wiping your morning coffee out of your lush new whiskers are you ready to give it all up?

While growing that caterpillar on your upper lip – despite the plausible objections from significant others – goes towards a good cause, choosing to keep it post the donation time frame can be a somewhat controversial decision.

(Only recently, Henry Cavill caused an uproar when it was discovered he refused to shave his glorious moustache off while reprising his role as Superman in Justice League, with many saying Cavill's digitally altered lip was both the best and most terrifying detail of the movie.)

The pros

You've come this far, so why stop now?

For four weeks (maybe more) you've watched as your familiar mug was transformed into something less recognisable and now, to tell the truth, you've grown fond of the thing.

While the dichotomy of beards or clean shaven remain the strongest camps when it comes to men's facial hair, a moustache can be a bit of a disrupter.

Take a look at the influential men throughout history who have sported one: Salvatore Dali, stylish cads Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, and the ever-cool Freddie Mercury. Not to mention hirsute icons Tom Selleck, Ron Swanson and Merv Hughes.

The cons

"Just because you grew one, isn't enough of a reason to keep it," says Dan Dixon, founder of Mister Chop Shop in Bondi Junction.

"Facial hair is a funny thing – one day it can look perfect, and the next it's a total disaster. You have to maintain it, groom it, and look after it."


And unlike a full beard, Dixon says not many guys are willing to come in for a regular tidy up.

"Guys seem to enjoy doing their own thing at home and are reluctant to come to the barber to upkeep their moustache, unlike beards."

Be honest with yourself

To be completely blunt, the trend for moustaches seems lost somewhere back in 2016 when they were the rage on Instagram.

"The clean shaven look is definitely back in town," admits Nathan Jancauskas, founder of grooming empire Mens Biz. "Men are opting for a summer-friendly option with a shorter trim and side fade."

But like all things aesthetic, there's no time like the present to bring it back into fashion!

While no-one (as far as we know) is going to pin you down and force you to remove said facial hair, some honest self-appraisal goes a long way in whether or not you should keep your new look.

Admitting to yourself that, for all the noble reasons you had at the start of Movember, this style of facial hair just doesn't suit you can be both difficult and liberating.

Suffice to say, know what works for you. Which means a brutally honest assessment – often aided by the objective eye of a mate or significant other.

"Thinner hair often appears uneven and weak," explains Ben Wilson, industrial designer at Braun and grooming guru.

"[But] men with a long and thin face shape suit a moustache as it widens the appearance of the face. Those with a thinner chin should give the moustache a try as it can balance out the narrowness of the face."

For the keepers

If you're going to keep your upper lip decorated over summer, make the effort to keep it in good condition. Which means heading off to a barber for a trim here and there and investing in the right tools at home for self-maintenance.

While popular beard oils are too light to style with, waxes and balms can add shine while also keeping whiskers in place. If you're after a Dali-esque curl at the end, these have enough hold to last the day.

Also, invest in a decent face wash that cuts through the oils and hair to lift any debris that may be lurking and cause breakouts.

For the removalists

Don't just dive in and hack it off the first chance you get. This may sound obvious, but as most blokes tend to rush their bathroom regimes, this can't be overlooked.

Dixon recommends clippering first, getting your growth down to a comfortable stubble.

"Then take a long, hot shower. This softens the whiskers and helps get rid of build up.

"I recommend a two-in-one product like Selvedge Grooming's Cleanse and Shave, as this helps keep the skin soft and protected while offering a close shave. Don't forget to follow up with a soothing balm."

Lastly, Wilson warns not to forget the most important step: "Please remember that the skin below has not been exposed to direct sun for several weeks...use sunscreen and moisturiser to ensure a smooth transition period."

Take a look at the gallery above to see the best grooming products to keep your face looking fresh post-Movember.