Six of the coolest men's coats to keep you looking warm this winter

The streets of Australian cities are currently awash with enough gents dressed like Arctic explorers to concern the most ardent climate change denier.

Michelin men packed into shiny parkas, running the significant gamut from Uniqlo to Canada Goose, are the sartorial equivalent of flea hunters packing rifles.

If you're climbing escalators instead of mountains, you only need to explore as far as the classics, which have been given style upgrades to claim territory in your wardrobe.

The camel coat

Layer it on a navy suit and you're giving Gianni Agnelli industrialist vibes; Throw it over a burgundy jumper and you're Sunday smart. Wear it with a logo T-shirt and you're bringing uptown downtown.

In wool and cashmere blends a camel coat offers relief against winds chillier than FLOTUS' care factor about her husband's treatment of children.

For seasons the below-the-knee length has reigned supreme but look for knee-length car-coat styles that allow for greater mobility when maneuvering your way out of a taxi while brandishing a brolly.

If you're keen on shaking things up at the office turn to Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele's over-the-top embroidery to shout your fashion credentials to those walking three steps behind you.

Introverts might prefer Melbourne outfit Mndatory's dialed down take on the rend in oatmeal.

The shearling

While contemporaries might settle for a standard leather jacket, the black shearling makes you leader of the pack. It's a style Harley Davidson leaving others puttering behind on their postie bikes.


With a crisp white shirt and houndstooth tie beneath and grey woollen trousers, your subverting the suit with a simple touch of rebellion. Trade the shirt for a light knit turtleneck in green or claret and you're engine is running hot.

The shearling jacket transitions perfectly for weekend wear but resist the temptation to wear it with a vintage T-shirt declaring your love for Metallica and reserve it for elevated basics. This jacket should never be upstaged, it is the main event.

A simple pair of straight-leg jeans and light grey crew-neck knit will keep things casual.

For those with the cash, take a look at Acne Studios' black shearling for pure luxury.

The trench

The Burberry trench coat is instantly recognisable and we doubt that will change under new creative director Riccardo Tisci.

Since its association with soldiers in the first world war the trench has become a uniform against the unkinder elements.

The standard approach to a trench is beige gabardine but beneath a grey Melbourne sky neutrals can lose their impact.

Go navy to increase your wear from the trench. It can be worn on top of a suit or a navy jumper and jeans for a tonal assault.

If you're worried about passers by not picking up on the classic Burberry cut and buttons, pop the collar to show-off the 1960s plaid for points.

Check out the gallery above for the best jackets that won't make you look like an airbag.