Some of the world's greatest tailors are coming to Australia

Have you ever dreamed of having a suit jacket tailored by Tom Ford's right-hand man? Or Oxfords handmade to your exact specifications by Artioli? Perhaps interact with the Lardini family in the flesh as you decide between a deconstructed blazer or a casual overshirt?

Well, thanks to Harrolds – Australia's high-end retail destination – now you can.

The luxury retailer has launched an exclusive tailoring showcase which will see world-renowned fashion houses Tom Ford, Thom Browne, Lardini and Artioli offer their menswear expertise to provide the ultimate sartorial experience for customers.

Sitting down with Alessio Lardini, nephew or the famed Luigi Lardini to which its name is founded on, and Harrolds' Managing Director Ross Poulakis, we discussed the travelling tailoring showcase, the landscape of men's fashion in Australia and how Aussie men are catching up with the times.

A sartorial spectacle

"Harrolds is and has always been at the forefront of fashion innovation here in Australia, and sour Tailoring Showcase is testament to that," says Poulakis.

"We [Harrolds] are always offering clients something new and interesting; something wanted. We provide an unparalleled level of luxury service, which provide customers with a product that can't be bought elsewhere."

The tailoring showcase is a first in Australia and for the Harrolds brand, which will run until the end of March, through which time guests will be able to book appointments with a series of expert tailors including Tom Ford's master tailor, Luca Gervasi. Gervasi will personally custom fit clients and provide them with access to limited edition yardage fabrics made exclusive for this showcase.

On show is also New York-based designer Thom Browne, who is renowned for his contemporary approach to traditional tailoring. A Master Tailor from the the Tom Browne house will be available by appointment, offering men the choice between 200 quality internationally sourced fabrics, 50 of which are an exclusive first offering.

In the footwear department, Italian footwear craftsmen Artioli are offering a wide range of leather products made-to-order to compliment any look. With a rich Italian history that dates back to 1912, that is over 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing at the helm of this Italian brand that craft shoes to last a lifetime.


A name to remember

The Lardini brand is no stranger to menswear enthusiasts. Founded in Italy in 1978, the Lardini name is synonymous in Europe for fine tailoring, relaxed staples and a certain nonchalant style.

A first in Australia, the Italian luxury fashion house will have a permanent, physical presence within Harrolds stores which is set to introduce the brand to a wider audience.

"Lardini has done a fantastic job of revolutionising tailored garments thanks to its bold design and easy-to-wear garments," says Poulakis.

"They're doing things that nobody else has done here in Australia to date, so it's extremely exciting to welcome Lardini to our stores."

The Australian customer is a particular one at that, set in his ways and cautious to venture out with styles and unknown brands.

A tailor for those who know

But not only is the Lardini brand the perfect icebreaker, but its involvement in the tailoring showcase is going to really pique men's interest.

"The Lardini brand has a strong passion for fashion, and we are aimed at a younger but modern demographic – it represents something fresh; something different," explains Lardini.

"We would like to propose something different to the Australian market - we are the complete outfit solution, dressing men from Monday through to Sunday. And sour involvement in the Tailoring Showcase is to really detail this outfitting push and the overall sartorial experience within our brand."

"It's something Australian men haven't seen before, so it's important to educate them from the beginning," adds Poulakis.

Little education may be needed for some enthusiasts, however. Lardini has built a loyal following in the menswear scene around the world thanks to its strong DNA proposed in each and every garment. Think bold designs, relaxed silhouettes and effortless wear.

Through the good times and bad

With the changing landscape of retail in Australia, Harrolds is one of few retailers, let alone luxury retailers, to have not only survived the hardships the industry has and will face, but have emerged stronger than ever before.

"Harrolds do a lot of research and we are risk takers but that's because we need to be; we don't rest on our laurels," says Poulakis.

"There is access to a range of fashion goods almost instantaneously now, so we meet client's expectations and we deliver the goods. Our relationship with Lardini and its introduction to the Australian market is the perfect example of the service we provide."

The Tailoring Showcase, as well as the Lardini shop-in-shop, launched in Melbourne and Sydney on March 12. Key remaining dates include:, with Tom Ford

Tom Ford – 22 March (Sydney)

Artioli – 22 March (Sydney)

Thom Browne – 26 & 27 March (Melbourne) and 28 & 29 March (Sydney)