Stars with a stylish second career

Patrizio Buanne might be Italy's answer to Tom Jones, but now the Italian crooner is wowing the ladies with a new jewellery line.

The 37-year-old, who cut his teeth on classic Italian music and listening to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, is nothing short of ambitious. In just 10 years, he's toured the world five times, released six studio albums and counts some influential women as close friends – think Sophia Loren and our very own Lady Southey, who flew him to town a few years ago to play a special fundraising concert.

Now he's hit a new high note with a range of quality gold jewellery squarely aimed at the women who listen to his music.

Second life

Buanne is not the first successful artist to launch a second career. He follows sporting heroes like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and musicians Kanye West and Liam Gallagher who have created more than a buzz in the fashion world.

Buanne's decision to align with a luxe jewellery brand comes as no coincidence either. His core fan base of women hooked on his sweet romantic style and Neapolitan charm are now tempted to indulge in his latest entrepreneurial venture.

These days it's not enough to just make music. People like me are always looking for ways to expand our repertoire.

Patrizio Buanne

Titled Viva La Dolce Vita, the gold jewellery oozes 1960s romance. The name conjures Fellini's famous movie La Dolce Vita and the sultry Trevi fountain scene with actress Anita Eckberg.

Female focus

"I have many female fans and I thought, why not create a jewellery line that spoke to them," Buanne says.

"The jewellery is very classic, It's for those who want something elegant, appreciate style and can part of something with me beyond my music.

"These days it's not enough to just make music. People like me are always looking for ways to expand our repertoire."


The collection is sold via TVSN – a 24-hour shopping online and TV channel. The pieces include crossover-hooped earrings in 18ct gold and multi-strand bracelets in the same weight that sell between $80 and $230.

"When the opportunity came up to do this jewellery line I thought why not. It's a chance to get my brand out beyond my reputation as an Italian singer. I have been touring for 10 years and I have built a loyal fan base. It keeps it exciting for me," he says.

American dreams

Buanne has hit the big time in Australia and Europe, but the plan is to conquer America and perhaps it'll be the jewellery that gets him over the competitive line.

"The US market is very tough for an artist like me," he admits. "But I have plans to keep trying there and this jewellery will be another way of trying to step in," he says.

Buanne is romantic at heart and plans to win some via his new career.

"Viva La Dolce Vita is a beautiful [saying]," says Buanne. "It is one long associated with Italian lifestyle and I think it sums up the collection beautifully because who doesn't want a piece of the beautiful life."

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