Style season: the men's winter style checklist

Many Aussie blokes are opposed to wearing a scarf. There's something about them that resembles a reptile coiling itself around the throat that is a little disconcerting. So how else to stay warm in winter? Layering is the next option.

If you're a beginner in the layering master class, then just think of this rule. Thin to thick, light to heavy. This allows you to remove one layer at a time to allow your body's heating system to regulate itself as you move indoors.

Layering up

There are a few layering sequences I suggest you avoid as you make your way through the maze of winter fabrics. If you attempt to layer cotton pieces, you may find that the material catches with each layer; try experimenting with brushed cotton and waxed cotton. If you layer synthetic fabrics like polyester or satin, you'll be zapping people with your static electricity all day, so avoid at all costs.

Due to our mild winter, the maximum amount of layers you might attempt is three - unless, of course, you're extending your experiential Pitti Uomo peacock status and dandying up with a scarf, gloves, headwear and some good-looking leather.

The key combos

When layering stylishly, try these combinations with your current wardrobe as you build up confidence with the thin-to-thick, light-to-heavy layering rule.

  • T-shirt / crew neck sweater / overcoat is the perfect attire for a casual weekend.
  • T-shirt / sweater / denim or puffer jacket will take you to the next level of style.
  • Cashmere long-sleeve sweater / leather vest / overcoat brings in a sense of individuality.
  • Business shirt / wool button vest / zip shearling-collared sweater is classic college cool.
  • Business shirt / cable knit button jumper / denim jacket is another sleek combo.
  • Finally, a look many of us have seen in Ralph Lauren campaigns, the turtleneck cashmere jumper / denim shirt / sports jacket is elegant and contemporary.

The key colours

Winter colours tend to be drawn from the same pot each year, with black being the favourite. With that in mind, let's look at a few additions to liven your wardrobe this season.


Always a sophisticated shade. Choosing an overcoat or chinos in this colour will lift the elegance of the overall look.



The most popular colour in a man's wardrobe due to its trusted familiarity.


A wonderful tonal colour palette, which should be worn in light and dark tones with black accessories.


One of my favourite colours symbolising strength, power and protection.

The key pieces

Leather bomber

Channel your inner Captain America to life by buying a leather bomber jacket to add into your winter wardrobe.

Graphic knitwear

Grandma's dreams have come true, as the return of the graphic knit has graced our runways in recent seasons.

Cashmere turtleneck

The perfect first layer to your wardrobe, which can be elegantly worn on its own in many different occasions.

Puffer jacket

As a sporting nation, Australia has adapted to the polar puffer jacket with ease. A big shout-out to SuperDry for their modern puffer jackets, which radiate style and value.

Camel overcoat

A camel overcoat in wool, synthetic or cashmere is the perfect companion for casual or dressed up attire.

Tailored wool trousers

For winter, your trouser length should follow the higher British leg length to keep the hem dry in the wetter months.

Neuw denim jeans

Looking for a variety of trouser cuts for winter? Neuw Denim will give you an ample amount of choice and they do a mean double denim.

Monk strap biker boots

Give me a hybrid of the formal monk strap shoe with the dangerous and powerful biker boot, which kicks 'cool' into any outfit.


For your weekend warrior layered look, start with a quilted leather high-tops slightly covering the hem of your denim jeans.

Messenger bag

In the event of a cold one, you'll want to put your hands in your pocket, so throwing your bag across your body is ideal while you warm your mitts.

Merino wool socks

Believe me when I say, investing into several pairs of good woollen socks will make you smile this winter. Just make sure you don't tumble dry them.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the top trends for winter 2016. 

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