Style tips to get James Bond's Spectre look

Many who have seen the 24th James Bond film, Spectre, reckon it's among the franchise's best; not just for the action sequences, but for the fashion.

This could be the best-dressed 007 we've seen in many years, clothed in a wardrobe featuring Tom Ford, N.Peal, Mulberry, and Crockett & Jones.

The buzz on Bond lifestyle blogs, where 007 aficionados swap information about their hero's latest look, is that Daniel Craig pretty much nails it in Spectre.

Matt Spaiser, the New York City graphic designer who founded the insanely popular The Suits of James Bond blog in 2010, told Executive Style his only sartorial objection is the way the Tom Ford suits fit on Craig's athletic frame.

"This would have been the best-dressed Bond in a long time if the suit fit better," he says. "Because the jackets fit too snugly at the waist and mess up the lines of the suits, it prevents Bond from being truly well dressed. I also think the trousers sit too low on the hips."

Classic twist

Spaiser says Bond's overall look in Spectre exudes a classic sense of style with a modern twist. "The clothes are complete improvement over Skyfall," he says. "The colours, particularly the vivid blues used in the suit fabrics are very flattering to Daniel Craig's warm complexion and bring out his blue eyes."

As for a favourite piece of clothing in Spectre, Spaiser nominates the Tom Ford cocktail cuff shirts. "I own many of them myself and it pleased me to see them return to the Bond films after a 36-year absence."

Scroll through the gallery above for our expert breakdown of Spectre style.