Sunglasses for men: the styles you need to know this summer

Coloured lenses, round frames and "bridging" are just some of the big trends we can expect in men's eyewear this summer.

Don't be surprised if any (or even all) of these sound a little familiar. According to Joshua Matta, optician and owner of boutique eyewear One Point Seven Four, major brands from Prada to Persol are all looking back in time for their inspiration.

"This summer we will see many of the retrospective shapes of the 1960s, '70s and '80s," he says.

"The round frames and varying versions of the all-classic aviator. But it's actually colour – for both frames are lenses – where we are really seeing strong trends. Think tinted yellow and blue lenses and the flash mirror trend persists."

Back to the future

But these trends aren't retro. Not in the true sense. Designers may be tapping on vintage style but they're also reinterpreting them in a modern, almost futuristic effect. This particularly noticeable with the trend towards "zero base" lenses. While traditional lenses are curved, the "zero base" lenses are made or completely flat. It's creates a fascinating contrast to the natural curves of the face but it's admittedly not a look for everyone. 

Regardless of trends, choosing a pair of sunnies should be based on what is suited to your facial shape and colouring.

Fit to face the world

Matta says that the key to a perfect pair of sunglasses is about nailing the fit.

"If you have a broad face don't go for something that is too narrow or it can make your face look even bigger," he explains.

"Narrow faces suit round or oval frames...They should fit perfectly snug on the bridge of the nose, and there should be no gaps. The temples should fit nicely just behind your ear, A common error is men wear frames and the temple length is not long enough, so it doesn't fit behind their ears properly. A good eyewear store should have someone on hand to heat the frame and fit it to your face."


Alexandra Kerr, the senior buyer at Sunglass Hut, says that a great rule of thumb is to choose styles that contrast with your face.

"We recommend customers to pick sunglasses in a shape that's opposite to their face shape. If you have a round face, choose square styles like wayfarers. Square faces suit rounder shapes."

So what are the key trends in men's eyewear for this summer?

Coloured lenses

The tinted lens has come back in a big way for summer, and not just solid colours of blue and yellow.

The 90s revival and has seen sports eyewear Oakley experience a resurgence in the market and their trademark oil slick lens has been adapted by luxury brands like Cutler and Gross and Tutollente. But fans of the original can relax - Oakley has updated released versions of their coloured lens in more modern frames.

Round frames

Made famous by singer John Lennon, the round lens has come back in fashion for those seeking to make a more subtle statement. Brands such as Ray Ban and Thom Browne have released versions of this style.


A metal bridge that sits above the nose, this feature adds extra character to a more traditional frame. It's a simple addition but one that's taken the eyewear world by storm.

Check out our gallery above for 17 of the best sunglasses for men this summer.