Ten gadgets to keep you connected in the air

For many, the thrill of ascending to 30,000 feet offers a chance to unwind and indulge in a little in-flight service, enjoy a good book or catch up on a few movies.

But for the business traveller, the need to work throughout a flight can be an inconvenient reality. Bulky computer bags, laptop power packs, portable backup batteries and hard drives all conspire to steal your precious carry-on weight allowance and overhead space that could be spent on life's more pleasurable pursuits - like duty-free cognac.

While many business class seats offer power outlets to keep you juiced up for your journey, juggling a wad of cables and power packs quickly becomes impractical. Consider the number of device chargers and peripheral connecting cables you use, and this scenario quickly becomes a nightmare.

With the continuing reduction in size and weight of many devices, however, the business traveller is now spoiled for choice when it comes to lightweight solutions that offer an easier transition between desk and flight cabin. Add a cloud storage solution for working documents and files, ensuring any work you do in the air is synced across all devices, and anyone can make in-flight time as productive and pain-free as possible.

Even in the event that you do find yourself in cattle class, away from the luxury of elbowroom and desk space, with the right gadgets you can still set up office in the smallest of spaces.

Try the devices in the gallery above to keep you on deck from take-off to touchdown.

Note: Check with cabin staff before using wireless devices as some flight routes may prohibit usage.