Ten hi-tech skiing gadgets for your next snow trip

Heading to the snow this winter and want to make your life easier, safer and more enviable? Then pack any of these hi tech items in your ski bag.

Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet

Price: $449.95

When it comes to your noggin you cannot be safe enough. The Smith Vantage MIPS helmet incorporates a revolutionary Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). Translation? When your head hits an object at an angle it allows a small rotation of the outer shell relative to the liner. This decreases rotational forces and reduces potential damage to your brain.

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But wait, there's still more to the Vantage helmet. An Aerocore construction absorbs more impact than traditional foams. Plus there are 21 vents to keep you warm or cool and a dial fit system for all head sizes and snap fit removable ear pads.

Smith IOX Turbo Fan 

Price: $549.95

No need for fog filled lenses when you have these babies on your face. The Smith IOX Turbo Fan with Photochromatic lens features all the usual tech heavy elements from the Smith name including quick release lens change system, 5X anti fog inner lenses, eyeglass compatibility, ultra wide silicon backed strap and a rotating outrigger position system. Then add a silent two speed exhaust fan to ensure an even temperature and no fog plus photochromatic lenses that automatically adjust according to the light.

Skullcandy Sport Bluetooth XT Free bud

Price: $179.95

You want to pump your favourite beats while gliding through the powder but you don't want to lose your peripheral hearing so you can still stay safe. Skullcandy have got you covered with ambient ear gels which allow you to hear your music without blocking out your surroundings. These buds also feature a unique fit that ensures your buds stay locked in place and ensure no sweat, rain or snow can ruin your gear.


Garmin Tactix Bravo

Price: $1099

Channel your inner snow warrior and strap this on your wrist to impress your mates. The 'watch' does everything bar the actual skiing for you. Expect a Bluetooth and wireless connected GPS, altimeter, barometer and compass with a GPS log so you can track where you've been and mark locations. You can then wirelessly share the info. Use the Tactix with a heart rate monitor to record your VO2 and heart rate for those obsessed with data crunching.

Serious weather nerds will love the sensors predicting short term weather trends. You can also download apps and widgets to the watch direct, check emails, texts and alerts, remotely control your music, count calories and track sleeping patterns. Battery life is up to 50 hours and the watch is water rated to 100 metres so snow will be no problem.

Polk Swimmer Duo

Price: $79

Have speaker, will travel. The shockproof, waterproof and dirt proof Bluetooth speaker is ready for anything. It features flexible tail for wrapping, looping or hooking onto virtually anything, along with a suction cup attachment to make it stick. Add a built-in mic and speakerphones, 8 hour battery life, USB and analogue input and immersion in 90 centimetres of water for up to 30mins. So it's perfect for the snow.

3DR Solo drone

Price: $1499

3DR has created the only drone that can automatically control both helicopter and camera positioning while in flight. Connect it with your GoPro and the 3DR Solo Drone can be driven solely by you or split up the work with a second pilot or pre-set the drone itself. You don't have to be Spielberg to operate it either, anyone can produce immersive visuals with 3DR's "Smart Shots."

GoPro Hero4 Session

Price: $299

This cubed camera is set in an already waterproof case so there's no need for bulky outer casing. There's a one button control and built in WiFi that works with the GoPro App on your smartphone so you can check out your footage in real time and share images on social media. Simple. Oh, and compact.

Nike Sage Kotsenburg Signature Goggles

Price: $280

If it's good enough for Sochi Winter Olympic gold medalist, Sage Kotsenburg. Dragon, Sage and Nike have collaborated to create a goggle that fuses comfort, functionality and technology. The goggles feature a Nike Thermafit microfibre fleece for comfort against the ski and a water repellant mesh to ensure airflow so, therefore, no fog. Clever clogs.

Dog & Bone Wetsuit Phone Case

Price: $109.95

If you have an iPhone 6 or 6s then you just got lucky. Dog & Bone have released the wetsuit phone case with military certified rating and an IP68 level of protection from dirt and water (including snow). There's touchscreen waterproof technology in the two piece silicone, polycarbonate and rubber case that also boasts a triple layer of shockproof protection. Choose from electric orange, blackest black and silver tail.

Marker Kingpin 10 bindings

Price: $779

There's been a lot of noise about the Marker Kingpin binding in the world of backcountry alpine touring skiers. You know the type, those who like to 'skin up' and 'ski down'. This is the first fully DIN certified tech binding which is cause for celebration enough. Add lateral pivots for consistent release and retention and a simple underfoot lever to flick from heel walk mode to ski mode.

Scroll through the gallery at the top of the page to see the latest hi-tech innovations in ski gear.