Nine island paradises anyone can rent

Richard Branson has Necker Island. Johnny Depp, a slice of the Bahamas. Even Mel Gibson is in on the act, owning Fiji's Mago Island. But you don't need to be a celebrity - or even a millionaire - to plug into your very own piece of tropical island paradise.

Online rentals specialists such as Airbnb allow those of humbler means to stay at locations around the world they once could only have dreamt of. 

From private islands in Vanuatu and Costa Rica, to exclusive atolls in Belize - luxury travel hasn't been this easy or affordable, ever.

Research from Tourism Competitive Intelligence found 45 million international tourists in 2014 chose a travel destination because they saw a movie or TV show that was filmed there. As a result, such iconic scenery is now being matched online by 'one-of-a-kind' listings. People around the globe are opening up their homes and hiring out their properties to more travellers than ever before.

While renting Necker Island at $109,000 per night is probably still a bit out of reach for most, there's now plenty of choice for discerning tourists whether it be in Brazil, the Philippines or even Colombia. 

Check out nine island paradises that anyone can rent via Airbnb in the gallery.