Ten style hacks every man needs to know

Being a man doesn't mean always you know the fastest or best way to get a job done. Manuals and following rules tend to evade us and we're natural born doers.

With that said, it's 2015 and the regular hack or two can do absolute wonders.

Here are 10 of the best to keep you ahead of the pack in the style stakes.

1. Fold and pack a blazer without wrinkles

Consider yourself the stylish jet-setting man? This is a serious hack that will ensure your blazers make it half way across the world with you in your luggage without looking like Steve Tyler's face when you pull it out. Inside-out is the key. Watch and learn.

Want to see more? Click on the gallery above to see nine other clever man-friendly style hacks.

This article originally appeared on D'Marge