The $383,000 YAR sound system is hand-made hi-fi heaven

When most people want to listen to music, they make do with their mobile and some earbuds, and enjoy annoying everyone on the bus or train.

But there are folks out there who want their music to sound as if the London Philharmonic has camped out in their living room. These are the audiophiles who may be tempted to fork out almost $400,000 for a bespoke hi-fi from YAR.

YAR, named after a former rocket test site in Russia, was co-founded last year by professional pianist Giancarlo Sopegno, who became obsessed with the idea of creating the ultimate music experience. Sopengo had enjoyed a background in the music industry, consulting to such high-end audio marques as MBL in Germany, and Japan's Audio Tekne.

An audio odyssey

"After all these years in the industry, I wanted to create a sound system that didn't sound like one," he said in an interview with Fortune magazine. "It's like recreating the sunlight: mission almost impossible. Which is why I committed to the idea."

Research and development on the prototype took place over four years, working alongside Epifani's bass amplifier guru, Franco Savio, and designer Giacomo Satta, renowned for his work with Ferrari and Pagani.

I wanted to create a sound system that didn't sound like one.

Giancarlo Sopengo

The first system was made late last year. But is it worth all that money to make it seem as if you're sharing a house with Luciano Pavarotti? Those who have heard the system swear it is. Your €250,000 ($383,000) gets you an integrated amplifier, two loudspeakers and a stand. And just in case you forget it's yours, YAR will engrave your signature on the unit.

Exotic extras

Don't expect to have to whack it all together yourself either; YAR will fly two of their specialists from Turin to your home and set it all up for you, measuring such diverse elements as the relationship between direct and reflected sound within the room.

Want a few extras? Exotic hardwood speaker boxes trimmed with pure gold or titanium perhaps? As long as you can afford it, YAR will make it for you.

Each system takes around three months to build and before a screw is turned, clients are asked to email images and videos of where it will be located within the house.


If you want to purchase a YAR sound system, don't bother searching around your local JB Hi-Fi. YAR is available only through word of mouth, or at private events.

In other words; those in the know, know. If you pretend to be interested and imply you have deep enough pockets to actually purchase a system, the company might even host you at their headquarters in Turin to learn about the YAR philosophy.