The Bespoke Corner releases tuxedo collection inspired by Rolls-Royce

If there is one way to guarantee a memorable entrance it's with a flawless suit in a seriously good looking set of wheels.

So it makes sense that Sydney-based made-to-measure tailor The Bespoke Corner would team up with Rolls-Royce to create a pair of tuxedos inspired two of the brand's most iconic models: the Wraith and Ghost.

Discussing the decision to collaborate, co-founder Miles Wharton says the pairing was a no-brainer.

"Rolls-Royce in my eyes is the pinnacle of motor cars," he explains. "It doesn't get more luxurious than Rolls-Royce. The attention to detail that goes into each one is very similar to the craftsmanship of a custom suit. No detail is overlooked."

According to Wharton and his business partner Rami Mikhael, this is also the first time that the Rolls-Royce brand in Sydney has worked with a tailor to create a wearable version of the car.

A tuxedo is an essential garment that every man needs.

Miles Wharton

Pinnacle of luxury

Punters for a potential Rolls tux have the option of two versions: the Starlight and the Velvet Plum, with aficionados probably recognising the detail that inspired the former.

Taking its cue from the delicate fibre optic strands in the roof of the Ghost and Wraith, the Starlight tuxedo redefines the classic cocktail jacket is created using silver lurex to create a similar shimmering effect.

The Velvet Plum, on the other hand, takes inspiration from the decadent colour palette available to Rolls-Royce customers. The Bespoke Corner has created an uncommonly rich blend of silk and cotton, incorporating a deep plum velvet into the tuxedo. But if that's not your preference, then never fear.

"We also have it available in black and dark navy velvet if the customer wants to have a more subtle fabric," says Wharton.


The 24/7 Tailor

But what would a partnership of this magnitude be without something a just a little over the top?

According to Wharton, customers of Rolls-Royce will also have access to an around-the-clock tailoring service to fit them out for their new tuxedo. So if you find yourself pondering what to wear to your next black tie event at 3am, you know who to call.

"[This service] allows time-poor customers the ability to shop when it suits them," says Wharton. "All fittings are done by myself and head tailor Rami Mikhael to ensure the personalised service is kept to the utmost level."

Once measurements have been taken, the details are then sent over to a tailor in Italy to be completed. Only 30 of the tuxedos will be created (there are 20 of the Starlight and 10 of the Velvet Plum). 

"A tuxedo is an essential garment that every man needs," advises Wharton.

"You never know when you might need one for a special event."

And how much for such a fine item? The starting price is $3950.