The best bang-for-buck supercars to buy in 2016

"Anyone can afford a supercar, it's just a matter of how many sacrifices you're prepared to make." So said one car industry insider to Executive Style recentlyalbeit not one likely to be sleeping under bridges any time soon in order to pursue their own supercar dream.

The bottom line is that if you want to go fast, you need to spend a bit more - but not necessarily ridiculous money. Bargains abound in all shapes and sizes - cars that are bargains relative to their prodigious performance or fun factor, to what they might have cost in the past, or to their competitor set. And in some cases, perhaps even relative to your own spending power.

There are the tried-and-true options you may already know about, but also a wave of bargain-priced options on the way.

Scroll through the gallery for a rundown of the best you can buy in 2016.