The best digital camera you can get is the new Huawei P30

It's 5.45am in the Northern Territory and Uluru is quietly bustling with tourists who have come to experience British-born artist Bruce Munro's Field of Light – an installation which has now been extended to the end of 2020 with the magical Ayers Rock as our backdrop.

For the uninitiated, Munro's work is ignited by solar powered globes that change colours as the sun rises and vanish once the sun is up. If you laid out the cable it would run the distance of Wagga Wagga to Sydney (or 49,000 square metres). The key to experiencing this field is finding a spot just as the sun is about to rise to witness the strobing colours as they trace from your feet to Uluru some five kilometres away.

It's the perfect place to road test Huawei's new low light smartphones -  the P30 and P30 Pro - which launched in Paris week and now rolls into the Australian market.

More than smart

But this is no ordinary smartphone – it's the first of its kind to capture low light photography all thanks to a collaboration with the leaders in camera manufacturing, Leica. In fact, since the companies announced their strategic partnership in 2012, they've been changing the face of smartphones as we know them.

While roaming the Field of Light I pull out my competitor handset to take a sneaky sunrise shot of Munro's electric lights. They disappoint with fuzzy black stills the only outcome and show nothing of what I'm experiencing.

For a brand that's copped more controversial press than Apple or Samsung, Huawei might have reasons to be cheerful thanks to coming up with a smartphone that packs a digital punch.

You can not only capture in crystal clear form what you're seeing at 5.45am but for those less inclined to fiddle with lens settings and experiment like a professional photographer might; the handset does it all for you.

A picture that takes itself

A guest appearance by filmmaker and Creative Director and Photography Consultant to Getty Images James D. Morgan, who briefed journalists about the competitive nature of the phone - means even the highest paid commercial photographer in the business might be out of work given you don't need a tripod or expensive gear to lug around to capture pretty much the same kind of image he does for a living.

"I have shot the Rock many times before, so this was an interesting thing for me to shoot it without the normal equipment I use on my assignment," said Morgan, whose accolades include an award he won at 18 for the Free Nelson Mandela Concert at Wembley Stadium to commercial photographs of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Ayers Rock and celebrity Nicole Kidman.


"What I experienced this morning I have never seen anything like it," he continued sounding converted.

"You're looking at one of the most cynical humans when it comes to equipment," he smiles.

The new handset not only raises the bar for mobile phones, it allows for Vivid or Normal function when viewing movies or Netflix –who doesn't mind a less pixelated experience.

In the details

The introduction of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro leaves the P20 for dead. Whether you're a sucker for its new Breathing Crystal case or wooed by its multiple lens capability, this is like taking a chance to shine a light on your own photography skills.

It's also giving Google's Pixel 3 a run for its money for low light claims. What's more you can take a single quick exposure for a great shot barely trying- but holding the phone steady allows for an even better shot again.

Capturing clarity

Patrick Rohl, from Sydney based content creation agency YeahSure was equally impressed.

"The beauty of the phone is that you don't need to know professional tips and tricks," says Rohl.

"When shooting at low light you just set to night mode and from there, the only thing you need to focus on is setting up the shot and working out your composition," he says.

"Shooting at sunrise meant I could capture the sharpness, the clarity, the richness of the colour of the sand and the sky."

The writer travelled to Uluru as a guest of Huawei.