The best dressed men at the 2017 Golden Globes

Awards season may be in full swing but it seems the effort required to put one's best foot forward has well and truly been, ahem, trumped.

Admittedly, menswear on the red carpet can be a bit same ol' same ol'. How many different ways are there to wear a tuxedo?

Fine details such as the cut of a lapel, footwear and of course the cut and fit are the badges of a well-styled gent. But sometimes, in a sea of amicable looking blokes looking like they share the same stylist, it pays to take a chance.

Which is probably why when Best Actor winner Donald Glover stepped out sporting a chocolate-hued velvet tux by Gucci most commentators called it the winning look of the night.

A worthy risk

Traditionally, a tuxedo is meant to be either black or midnight blue – if you're daring. More formal even still is the sporting of a white jacket a la Ryan Gosling and Jeremy Piven. But brown? Never. At least not since 1973.

But it was a winning look for a winner – made all the more successful for the lack of detail. No fancy embroidery, no over the top shoe. Just a retro look that perfectly suited the funk artist and latest Star Wars star.

The original rogue

In keeping with his practice of flouting traditional dress codes, Pharrell Williams once again proved that menswear can be fun if you've got the courage. A white Chanel military-inspired coat with chains had him looking more like he was attending a royal reception than a Hollywood awards night. Although the beanie could probably have been saved for a weekend watching the footy.

Razor gangs

Another noticeable trend was the varying degrees of facial hair that made its way down the red carpet's gauntlet.

While Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine and Justin Timberlake kept it neat and shaped, Dev Patel boasted a slightly more debonair scruff.


It seems that the beard is here to stay for a little while yet...

Well shod

Star Trek actor Chris Pine also gets an honourable mention for ditching the standard oxford dress shoe in favour for sock-free slippers. But while suits teamed with sneakers work just fine on a catwalk, for Jonah Hill it came across as just a little lazy. Comfy, absolutely, but a little lazy.

Check out the gallery above to see the best menswear on the red carpet.