The best hairstyles for men in 2019 and how to get them

It's one thing to see a good haircut you'd want for yourself, but knowing how to manage it after you step out of the barbers is another battle entirely. 

That's where knowing what products are right for you comes in.

From wild manes and man buns, to short back and sides, trends in men's hairstyles are constantly evolving; as are the creams, pastes and sprays you need to achieve them. 

Joey Scandizzo – Creative Director of Melbourne's Joey Scandizzo salon and founder of ELEVEN Australia Hair Care - has seen his fair share of hairstyles walk in and out of his salon. From razored sides to coiffured quiffs, he always encourages his clients to consider their best features when cutting and styling their hair. Right now, the less is more approach is a winner for most men. 

Styled without effort

"At the moment it's all about the natural look that shows texture and movement within the hair," says Scandizzo. 

Unfortunately, that doesn't quite mean rolling out of bed and leaving your hair in whatever chaos your pillow has created. There are a few key products that can help you achieve this effortless look while still ensuring your hair is properly maintained. 

"ELEVEN Australia Medium Hold Styling cream is great for hair with a bit of length. It gives definition, and you can create some shape with a natural shine," Scandizzo suggests.  If you're due for a cut, it's also worth keeping in mind that the ideal hairstyle should highlight your best assets.

"You want to keep the shape square so it's more masculine and highlights your best features; accentuating a strong brow, high cheekbone or a strong jawline."

That soft flow

The last few months have seen gents opt for slightly softer finishes with their mid-length cuts.


Sweeping fringes are the go, and hairlines are left natural instead of being tapered. Mid-length hair is ideal for channelling that 'effortless' look; and it's well worth investing in a high quality texturising product that gets the job done. 

The Bed Head for Men range by Tigi features the Press Up Body Building Style Foam that you'll want to get your hands on quick smart. A few pumps through towel-dried hair creates enviable texture with minimal effort. K.Men by Kevin Murphy's Thick Again treatment spray is another winner for instant volume. Spray on damp roots and you'll notice thicker tresses after drying. 

If you're after a more lustrous finish for night time or a formal occasion, consider a styling product like Patrick's S2 Shine Finish. This medium hold paste adds a soft sheen to any style, without leaving the hair looking greasy. Its neroli and dark cedar scent makes for a rather hypnotic sensory experience in itself. 

Relax your look

Managing Director of King's Domain Barbers, Aaron Chan, notes that mid-length hair is ideal for experimenting with different styling and cutting options, and it's one look that is definitely here to stay.

"I think this summer will see heavily textured and slightly disconnected mid length styles that can be worn dishevelled or thrown back for the nine-to-five. This sort of look can also be incorporated with the ever-growing skin fade for those who like it nice and tight on the sides," Chan notes. 

With clients including Dustin Martin, Dean Lewis and Nick Kyrgios and barbershops in both Melbourne and Sydney, King's Domain have now created a speciality selection of grooming products that make an aide as part of your daily styling routine. Chan notes one product in particular that is a must for gents with mid and longer length hair who are looking to step up their texture game via a few simple steps:

"Without a doubt it would have to be the Kings Domain Sea Salt Spray. Great by itself on mid length hairstyles or can be refined with a finishing product for a little more texture. Spray liberally from roots to ends on dry or damp hair focusing on the fringe area and dry in with a hair dryer on high heat and low fan until dry. Try scrunching longer lengths of hair into clumps, and dry for extra movement."

Wash it out

Last but far from least, never forget the importance of a good cleansing ritual to invigorate the scalp on a regular basis. Aveda's Rosemary and Mint shampoo stimulates the scalp (rosemary is known for its ability to promote healthy hair growth) and gets rid of all traces of sweat and product build up.

Quite often guys can forget the final conditioning phase. To put this into another parlance, conditioning is like adding a wax coat to your car. It protects it from environmental damage, keeps it shiny and has the added benefit of making your hair feel softer. Patricks' Stimulating and Thickening conditioner is the ultimate finisher - smells good, feels good and comes in the kind of packaging you'd be proud to have on display.

Check out the gallery above to see the best hair products for men.