The biggest menswear trend from the '90s is finally back in fashion

Prepare to spend an extra hour looking for your credit card because cargo pants and their multiple pockets have been dragged back into fashion, kicking and screaming, from the back of wardrobes that stretch back to the nineties and into the noughties.

The trend has pepper-sprayed the menswear runways for some seasons, courtesy of Raf Simons, Yeezy and most recently appearing at Dolce & Gabbana in a military patchwork but the proof of the pockets is on the streets.

Last month at Pitti Uomo in Florence and on the streets of Paris Fashion Week, paparazzi posers in cargo pants outnumbered the dandies with their over-groomed beards and pocket squares.

Blame it on Trump's neo-conservative rise, or designer Virgil Abloh and self-appointed pop icon Kanye West's preference for camo pants, but cargos are now your staple at a Sunday session with the boys or Sunday lunch with the in-laws.

Cargo corporate

This is the part where you let camouflage prints stay in hiding and choose colourways of dark khaki, tan or deep navy.

Look for styles with a tapered leg with pockets that remain fitted to the thigh, rather than ballooning out. And under no circumstances use the extra pockets. This will create bulk and inevitably result in a tissue, $50 bill or transport card taking an unscheduled turn in your washing machine.

The fitted look will work perfectly with brown lace up boots, sparkling white sneakers or tan monk-strap shoes at a push.

To elevate the look leave the rest of your outfit a logo free zone. If the weather's warm a plain navy or white T-shirt gives military minimalism. When the temperature cools top it off with navy blazer instead of a bomber jacket, which pushes the look into skinhead territory.

When spring arrives you can start playing with Hawaiian shirts over a white singlet, but save those shenanigans until September.


Cargo Cool

If you're sticking to the streets you can pump up the volume of your pants and look for wide-legged styles that work with chunky sneakers or Dr Martens.

Ditch the '90s approach of contrasting puffy pants with a fitted top and match it with an oversized T-shirt or sweater for some silhouette credibility.

Street level is where you can double down on your trends and look for camouflage styles. Look for the Realtree print that inspired parts of Kim Jones' final collection for Louis Vuitton. The autumnal oranges add more than a pop of colour for those who aren't afraid of attention.

The end result should look as though you have a love/hate relationship with Drake's latest album, not like you shop at an army disposal store. The gold chain necklace is optional. Though you run the risk of entering K-Fed territory (that's Britney Spear's ex-husband) if your skin is paler than a latte and you try too much jewellery.

Check out the gallery above to see some of the best cargo pants for men that will get you ready for stylish combat.