The biggest trends in menswear you can expect to see in 2018

Whether 2017 was your year or not – a lot went down over the last 12 months, good, bad and damn right ugly. And I'm not just talking politics here either, fashion had a lot to answer for.

Fashion has undergone some major shake ups, including several truly hideous trends. The flipside of this has been an overall push for true, individual style that, done right, was tempered with some classic style rules.

Being an optimist (and as one former editor and I coined a few years back, we, as Australians are "summer optimists") I'm predicting that a bright future ahead for the male wardrobe, and one that's pretty darn exciting.

What's to come

Looking into the crystal ball – in this case, an iPhone X and a few scrolls through Instagram – for 2018, there seems to be a lot of classic trends that are here to stay, and the linen shirt, active wear and tailored suits aren't going anywhere.

One trend that we have seen surface here and there, but will definitely be strong for the next 12 months is a paired back one,  the definition understated style and more brand loyalty that coincidentally, places Australian at the centre of a world stage.

The brand

Wardrobe NYC – the genius creation of Australian fashion designer Josh Goot and partner/super stylist/Kanye consultant Christine Centenera. In essence, the new brand has created a simplified wardrobe of classic pieces,  eight for men, and eight for women with key pieces released each season that you buy as a set. Clever, yes. Great marketing gimmick, absolutely. But even more importantly, practical.

Our pick: All of it. Obviously.

The aesthetic

On the other side of the spectrum, active wear will take on a modern street style edge with brands like The Upside  and P.E Nation dominating the market.

Both brands have gone from strength to strength in the women's space, and with P.E Nation about to launch menswear it's only going to get even bigger.


Relaxed, comfortable and just the right amount of sport and street, the collections are going to make their way into more and more offices (and weekend brunch sessions) that you can poke a stick at.

Our pick:  Something with a stripe through it.

Shop local

Sunglasses are a must in an Aussie climate and the resurgence of local brand Le Specs – led by Creative Director Hamish Tame – will continue to put Australia on the map, with clever collaborations and on trend collections being at the forefront of popularity and social media sensation.

Our pick: Anything round and acetate.

The new retail

On that note, social media will continue to play a role in how we discover new trends, explore (and share) the ones we like as we wake up with that hand held device and go to bed with it, the scrolling of the thumb will in turn weave our style inspiration into our dreams and consciousness at every given moment.  

The decade

There's no stopping the '90s-inspired Americana style that has taken hold. Bright primary colours, boxy-fits and ugly sneakers ahoy.

It's fashion's traditional 20-year cycle, and with it expect long-forgotten or passe brands becoming cool again. Hot tip: start trawling eBay now. Or better yet, make a profit by selling the stuff from the back of your wardrobe to overly keen hipsters.

Our pick: A hoodie from Tommy Hilfiger. Or Guess. 

What do you think of the predictions for 2018? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.