The eight-week body challenge

I've been writing Boot Camp for almost three years and realised early on the fitness world doesn't need more articles about a firmer bum or bigger arms. Therefore, I've always tried to invoke a bit of intelligent thought and naughty banter, with a fitness theme and appeal.

It's been just over a year since my harsh 'Cut the BS Diet' article was published and touched a nerve, with 22,000 people from around the globe emailing me for a copy. And with every personal trainer and his/her cousin developing a 4-, 8-, or 12-week body blitz or bikini challenge costing hundreds of dollars, it's time to stir up some BS and release my Eight-Week Body Challenge at a discounted price.

I declare there will be no protein cookies, powders, or potions being spruiked. The cost? There's a joining fee of $0. Oh, then there's four easy payments of $0, all with a money back guarantee. Yup, it's free.

I don't want to lessen wallets around Australia, I want to lessen unhealthy lifestyles … and I want to lessen weight in a healthy manner. I want people committed. I want people sweating, swearing, and smiling while dropping a few kilograms.

Changing your life in eight weeks is not hard – diabetes is. It's not easy – ordering a pizza is. Lifestyle change is challenging.

Somewhere deep down, you've gotta find the motivation, dedication, and the balls to get it done. Enough BS excuses. Enough BS DVD box sets all weekend. Enough BS food.

Sign up and get ready. Here are some Body Challenge tips:

Go 110 per cent for two weeks

Week one, you're on it because you're motivated and signed up. Week two is where the challenge lies. Two weeks of putting down the energy drinks and booze, exercising, and eating healthy foods is a challenge, but if you can pass that two-week hurdle, you're well on your way to eight weeks and success.

Create a diary

Every night, turn off the TV and write your food and fitness for the day in a diary. Trust me, your health is more important than the inevitable plot twist on CSI Alabama, and it will hold you accountable.


If you cheat, relax

Had a bender or ate too much? You cheated, but you can get it back. The problem is one bad day turns into three, four, or five in a row. Cheat, then train harder and eat healthier, and for next time, remember how cheating made you feel.

Do it with a mate

How cliché, eh? But it works. Grab your partner, mate, or co-worker. Get your whole damn department at work involved. Develop a healthy, herd mentality because teammates make change easier.

Focus on changing habits

You'll be asked to write down three naughty habits you will give up and three healthy habits you will adopt. This is simple, life-changing stuff. But can you do it?

Forget about 'spot change'

Whether you dislike your bum, tummy or legs … forget about it. Doing a million sit-ups for your stomach is 'spot change', and it's not the key to weight loss. Concentrate on functional movements and putting quality food and liquids into your system. Do what's right. Be patient, and your body will change.

Keep going

At the end of eight weeks, if you gave it your all, you can give it even more. It's not the finish line, but rather the starting line of a new, healthier life.

Cut the BS

You know what's holding you back. Cut the cord to the BS, and succeed in this challenge because you said you would. Promise yourself a better you – that's tough, but it's attainable.

What you'll get

You won't get links to buy Cut the BS Protein or Cut the BS Garcinia Cambogia tablets (when will this stuff leave my Facebook feed?). You'll receive 20 bodyweight workouts, a copy of the Cut the BS Diet e-book, a seven-day shopping list and seven-day eating plan, and an eight-week calendar to stay committed.

What you win

I called some damn cool companies, and with zero red tape, they all said "Yes.  We’re on board.  Count us in" and threw out some great prizes.  Unfortunately, running a contest has legal ramifications, so these had to be nixed.  So, winners will receive:

First place: a new life

Second place: a new life

Third place and beyond: a new life

This is not a challenge or contest – this is about you changing your life and habits in eight weeks.

It's time to sweat, swear, and make change happen. Who's in? Individuals, teams, and businesses can email me and you'll be put on the official email list – wherever in the world you are. Week number one begins on March 17.

Always remember … Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Have you done a Body Challenge before? What works and what doesn't for success?

You can email me here to enter the Challenge, or follow me on Twitter here.