The exclusive Hermès Silk Mix party is coming to Melbourne

Madrid mixed it one way. New York another. Hands in the air Melbourne; it's your turn to find the groove with the launch of Hermès Silk Mix.

The installation hosted by the French luxury brand transforms Melbourne's Fortyfivedownstairs into a timeless vinyl record store; an immersive shrine celebrating the artistic possibilities of music in its many forms. Record sleeves are splashed with the same graphic prints featured on men's silk scarfs. Cassette tapes pulsate with patterned tie designs. Calling all cool-cats, closet poets and, of course, die-hard musos; Hermès invites you to discover your own rhythm, which might well be situated somewhere between a syncopated bass, and the flutter of the world's finest silk offerings.

Soundtrack to style

The multi-sensory Silk Mix experience was conceived by three visionaries at the centre of the Hermès universe.

Artistic director of menswear, Véronique Nichanian and creative director of men's silk, Christophe Goineau, share not only a deep passion for music, but an appreciation of its potential to intoxicate the senses on a spiritual level. Joining them is Thierry Planelle, the music-maestro who has composed the soundtracks for all of Hermès's menswear runways for the last fifteen years.

So what exactly can you expect when these three creative forces join heads? A rock-star spectacle executed with a level of artistic finesse and attention to detail that has thrilled the most discerning taste-makers across the globe.

Sensory discussion

Worth noting: how often do we stop and consider our accessories as being artefacts in a dialogue between past and present, between art and culture?

Hermès Silk Mix reminds the spectator, the listener and the wearer alike that fashion and music are ultimately bound in the same sensory narrative.

They evoke experiences of hearing, seeing and feeling that elevates us beyond the realm of everyday life…

Wrapped up

Case in point; each printed 'record' displayed in the Hermès Silk Mix installation matches with a scarf.


This pairing corresponds with a piece of music from the house's menswear runway soundtracks compiled over the past ten years.

Similarly, each 'cassette' has its matching tie, which is also linked to a unique music track. Picture it: the cool silk against your skin, prints thrilling your pupils, sublime guitar riffs seeping into your consciousness…all at the same time.

Let's not forget that Hermès has also curated over three hundred styles within this spectacle, featuring countless pattern and print outcomes for ties and scarves. Should you need to sit down for a moment and catch your breath, there are couches available.

Going live

And it simply wouldn't be Melbourne's Silk Mix without a decent dose of live music.

Globally acclaimed hip-hop act REMI and musical collaborators Sensible J will perform throughout the course of the installation, adding yet another layer of intrigue to the Silk Mix experience through a mingling of words, themes and cultures that span several music genres.

So whether you slip in to experience Hermès Silk Mix during your lunchbreak, or make a night of it with a few friends, stop…breathe…and take a moment and reflect on just how dull life would be without a few smooth tunes and a silk ties to match.

Hermes Silk Mix runs from Saturday 30th March – Monday 1st April from 11am- 7pm, with live music every night from 8pm till late.

Fortyfivedownstairs is located at 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.