The five most awesome jobs in the world

What if you could be one of the three million or so Aussies who are stoked with their daily grind?

If you dream of an awesome job where you're paid to do what you love, one that gives you fodder for dinner chat and turns your friends green with envy, look no further than this list of excellent ways to earn a crust.

Sweet disposition

Got a sweet tooth? Forty per cent of Australian adults eat chocolate at least once a month, and while Lindt gains on Cadbury in the mass-market arena, Australia's boutique chocolate manufacturers continue to grow their offerings to a hungry public.

Specialise as a chocolatier or broad-brush your creative sweet yearnings as a maker, taster or brander of lollies. It's a toss up on whether technical training trumps hands-on experience as a maker, but if you just want to be part of the sweet posse its useful to remember that everyone, big and small, needs branding and packaging and social media players.

Check out the amazing wrappers that sell Bahen & Co bars.

Driving ambition

Love cars? Love speed? You've seen the Stig in action and now you want a turn – fair enough. Be an advanced driving Instructor and get paid for track time while you share your passion with others.

Samantha Stevens was the first Aussie woman to win a national level tarmac rally and in-between driving gigs she teaches drifting and track driving to others.

Stevens suggests you start with a rally in navigator or co-driving role, and learn the ropes of driving with the welcoming, tight-knit rally community. Many of Australia's top advanced driving instructors like Warren Luff and his father Ian cut their teeth on rally and its possibly the most exciting "job training" out there.

Shop to it

Want a constantly changing job that combines shopping therapy with the joy of spending someone-else's money? Always want to be a spy? Be a mystery shopper.


Working as a mystery shopper can bring cash and perks if you work it properly and keep tidy paperwork.

Yes you DO get reimbursed for those hotel stays and some shopping sprees, as long as you remember all the server names, detail the experience according to standards and follow the brief. With larger items there can be the hassle of sending it back, and you do need to be comfortable taking on a character – for instance a clueless shopper buying a plasma TV – and responding in character on the fly.

Check out the Mystery Shoppers Professional Organisation (MSPA Asia Pacific) where you can become a certified shopper.

Once you become a "gold" shopper your perks and your bonuses increase. Ka-ching!

Beer baron

Do you head straight to the pub after work? Be a Cicerone. Here's a new job description for dedicated beer lovers hoping to morph their passion for hops into a career.

Once used to describe a tour guide, US beer expert Ray Daniels has co-opted the term for his five-part certification that covers beer storage and service, regions, flavours, beer history, and food pairing to produce the beer industry's version of a sommelier.

Oh and Ray's trademarked the term exclusively for his course. There are four levels of certification ranging from "certified beer server" to "Master Cicerone".

Australian craft beer venue The Local Taphouse puts its entire staff through the rigorous Cicerone training, and the 4-hour written and practical exams will be held by the Cicerone organisation in Australia from 2016. It's a new credential but its rapidly gaining recognition in Australia, so get in early!

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Toy story

Love playing, laughing, and dreaming up crazy notions? Be a toy designer.

Imagine a long work desk covered in dismembered toys, cogs, rubber bits and things that make you go "hmmm".

Place a cartoonesque bulldog head on a baby doll body and voila! It could be the next big thing. You tinker on the Star Wars version of your best-selling spherical labyrinth and test the crumple on your new crashable remote controlled truck.

That's all in a week's work for multi-award-winning US-based toy designer Dan Klitsner who lists a love of play, a sense of humour and a good timing as the prerequisites for the job that everyone wants.

Contrary to popular opinion you don't need to be based overseas to succeed as a toy designer: Moose Toys, based in Melbourne, is a major international player in the toy industry and works with locals as well as overseas toy people like Klitsner.

Who wouldn't want to work at an office with an adult-sized tree house? It helps if you can sketch, but original ideas and some basic model-building skills can also get you there.