The Lamborghini-inspired laptop

The styling of the new Asus laptop is inspired by the design of a V12-powered Lamborghini supercar.

Computer company Asus doesn’t bill its new laptop as the supercar of portable PCs, but it certainly looks like one.

The manufacturer has again teamed up with Lamborghini to offer a high-performance portable PC for gaming enthusiasts, with a new model inspired by the design of
the Italian marque’s new, V12-powered Aventador supercar.

The new VX7 laptop, which goes on sale locally in May with a $2999 price tag, is even equipped with tail-lights and rear exhaust vents to expel hot air when it’s running – much like a real car.

Asus’s wedgy design, sharply creased laptop lid and bright-orange ‘paintwork’ also mimic the Lamborghini that is expected to cost about $850,000 when it goes on sale later this year.

Lift the lid and you’ll find more sharp lines dominating its design, with the ‘interior’ also sporting a leather-lined wrist-rest, trapezoidal touch-pad and a push-button ignition modelled on the real thing.

Usually when discussing Lamborghini performance numbers, the focus is on how many kilowatts of power it has and how many kilograms it weighs – but this Raging Bull is a little different.

Yes, it has a light-weight aluminium chassis - helping it weigh in at just 3.5kg - but in terms of performance the Asus VX7 measures up closely to other gaming laptops, with an i7 Intel processor, 16GB of RAM, a huge 1.5 terrabytes of internal storage (thanks to two, dare we say it, “hybrid” hard disks) and a built-in 2.0 megapixel camera.

It also features a Blu-ray disk drive, and a 15.6-inch LED screen.

Australian-market VX7s will be available in orange only, though other countries have the choice of black or carbon-fibre.

Courtesy: Drive