The latest tech gadgets for fitness junkies

Keeping steady pace with the ever-growing fitness boom, technology has found a home in nearly every sport and fitness pursuit imaginable.

From intelligent heads-up-display glasses and smart water bottles, to a clip-on device that maps your golf swing in 3D, the innovative application of high-tech science is transforming previously 'dumb' devices into innovative fitness enhancement tools.

In fact, some gadgets are now so advanced you'd swear they could be right out of Tony Stark's R&D lab.

With smartphones now more than just communication tools, we each carry with us an advanced device to track, monitor and provide feedback on a variety of health stats, day or night.

Futuristic fabrics

But it's not just gadgets and accessories getting an upgrade. High-tech fabrics have also become increasingly prolific, with new materials designed to enhance performance and even measure biometric feedback from your body in motion.

When combined, two or more devices can generate an astounding amount of data from any workout or training session, delivering an intimate snapshot of your daily fitness.

The great news is the makers of these modern devices understand their users not only want to enhance their form and fitness, but also do it as stylishly as possible.

After all, you spend a lot of time and effort improving your health and fitness, so why wouldn't you want to augment your image with some stylish new tech?

Measure your performance, track your stats, improve your form or make your workout easier with the cutting-edge new devices in the gallery above.