The most important hair trends for men you will see in 2020

The thing of note about the best hair looks right now is that there aren't any rules. Sure you can still have a short back and sides or the mushroom hair you've been sporting since you cleaned up at Little Athletics. But look around and you'll see Harry Styles' mussed up locks, and Timothée Chamalet's gorgeous ones. There's Idris Elba's buzz cut and Brad Pitt's mid-length layers. Keanu Reeves still sports an implausibly youthful mane and Ansel Engort will make you consider using old-fashioned mousse again.

And to really prove that point, mullets are back. Non-ironic ones.

So if there's one big trend for 2020, it's that anything kind of goes.

New looks to try

"For 2020, we're seeing a huge resurgence of the mullet as the hottest hairstyle for guys right now. The mullet is back, and the dirtier the better. This is a natural progression from the highly stylised and tailored hair trends like the fade, which is well and truly on its way out," says Ben Martin, Redken artist and owner of Salon XVI.

He says one of the biggest shifts in hair has been moving away from restricted and polished looks into something a little grungier and that barbers are having to upskill to meet the demand.

"Hair trends are influenced by fashion, and the styles we're seeing now mirror the recent resurgence in '90s to early '00s sportswear and grunge," he says, adding that products like Redken's Dry Texture paste are good for getting that easy dishevelled look that can be difficult to get right. 

John Pulitano, creative director at Headcase Hair, says the key thing to look out for this year is a move toward "lived in" hair. This extends to a buzz cut too. 

"The buzz cut looks really cool when it is not too sharp and a bit lived in. Recently we have seen a messy man bob on the runway, I'm loving the kind of '90s vibe with this haircut, it is a little bit androgynous and then toughened up with texture and layers," he says.

Other looks Pulitano is a fan of include the "French crop", a soft short back and sides with a slightly longer texture on the top.


As for what to stop doing to your hair? Pulitano says skin fades and hipster hair cuts need to go. 

Hair inspiration

Celebrity stylist Anthony Nader says the likes of singer and bonafide style icon Harry Styles is the pin-up for where men's hair is going (or at least, it is in our lushly follicled dreams). 

"His 'rebellious lazy' hair, is a trademark I've been seeing trickle down to even the latest pre fall menswear runway shows at Dior and Louis Vuitton," he says.

"The hair shapes are lazy ... they're not overstyled nor voluminous in any way and even has a dewy appearance to it. Could this hair look and feel like it's on a holiday perhaps?  What ever the reason though this trend is going to be huge for 2020," he says.

Nader thinks we're going to see less hair gel and tight buzzed-off haircuts in the new decade (and good riddance to those, in his opinion) and more of looks that are less severe, with a whole lot less product in them.

Let there be colour

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, there's no way you could miss the biggest fads to hit the grooming scene - going blonde. And blue. And pink. From the Biebs, to model Evan Mock, actors Keiynan Lonsdale and Zac Efron, there's been a growing swell of gents embracing the rainbow. This isn't your at-home colour to hide the greys either, but bold and eye-catching hues that are the opposite of subtle.

Obviously, this is one of those trends that's dictated by your ability to pull it off during your nine-to-five as much as being comfortable sporting the kind of mop that will draw instant attention.

It also requires some specific after-care, to ensure your colour stays prime and your hair isn't too damaged from the harsh chemical treatment reach certified platinum status. Check out Sisley's Colour Perfecting Shampoo followed by Protective Hair Fluid to prevent breakage and keep your mane looking soft and shiny.

Products to use on your hair this year 

John Pulitano is an advocate for taking care of your scalp for healthy hair. He advises looking to products such as a deep cleanser like the Christophe Robin sea salt scrub and for thinning hair try the Bondi Boost Procapil spray. For styling he likes Oribe Rough Luxury Moulding Paste and Tucker Browne Shine Putty.

Michael Van Clarke from the haircare brand 3"'More Inches (find it at Mecca) is also a fan of looking after your scalp for better hair. Try the brand's Exfoliating Scalp Treatment to get rid of flaking skin that can make the shoulders of your suit look more like a lamington.

"Scalp health is important because [if not] cared for it can lead to thinner weaker hair. And minor scalp problems can develop into more serious ones such as seborrheic dermatitis (scaly patches, angry red patches and more stubborn dandruff) if the scalp is not kept, treated clean and free to breathe," he says.