The most important menswear trends for autumn you need to know

It's ciao to summer and hello to a season where gents can finally get some extra colour and layering into their wardrobes.

Heading into autumn, men's trends can expect a revival of the late '70s (or is this period just happening on a loop?), along with plenty of leather, sneakers and denim.

In true Executive Style, err, style take a read below of the top core trends to incorporate into your wardrobe over the coming months.

Layer it up

Layering has long been the unofficial uniform for autumn and this won't be changing any time soon.

Instead, what is big this season is the use of clashing prints and textures which have been popping up from New York to London to Milan. However, this isn't just a matter of throwing a jacket over jumper and calling it a day.

Wiggle room

One of the hottest ways that this artform has been utilised is the introduction of the oldschool skivvie, in bright colours, and predominantly peeking out from under the collar of a business shirt.

Calvin Klein, Hermes, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Hugo Boss have all rocked this detail to great effect.

Clashing prints are going to be a big thing, so go bold with your choices here to make a statement. Take your cue from Prada here who took it to the next level with loud-as-hell '00s trip to Thailand prints worn over subtle geometrics.

Colour my world

There's a couple of ways you can take colour this season – subtly, with a few traditional colours that gradually blend in or simply go the whole spectrum. Literally.


Hugo Boss delivered the former, filled with navy, mustard, grey and tan all seamlessly worked together, reinforcing the classic BOSS style.

Burberry, on the other hand went whole hog, sending rainbow puffa jackets down the runway for Christopher Bailey's final show for the heritage British brand.

Clashing prints can also be a way to add this extra detail, and going bold with your choice is recommended. Take your cue from Prada here who took it to the next level with loud-as-hell '00s trip to Thailand prints worn over subtle geometrics.

Texture for days

Texture came out strong in the recent collections (seriously, if you can't have texture in the cooler months, then I don't really know when you can),  with lots of knitted fabrics, embroideries, and sequins (yes, sequins) giving even the most mundane items a facelift.

If you can steer clear of the alleged cultural appropriation issue, Gucci has once again delivered the goods, including everything from sequined jackets and studded denim.

Keep it casual-ish

Many of the luxury fashion houses are presenting collections with casual style cues. Mix your high-low wardrobe by adding in a leather sneaker with more structured and formal looks. Or ditch the blazer for a sharp raw denim or even leather jacket.

If Bally's latest collection is anything to go by, then prepare for the return of the Supersmash sneaker.

Team it with a leather backpack (thank you, Coach) to make that commute to work look a lot more stylish.

Check out the gallery above to see some seasonal essentials to stock up on.