The one thing mums actually want for Mother's Day

"Unless it's a photo of all my children together, smiling, then I don't want anything."

That was the ultimatum given by my own mum when asked what she wanted for Mother's Day.

Not a particularly exciting gift, no, but one that's actually quite hard to pull off thanks to distance and conflicting schedules. But we'll make it happen. Because that's what you do for Mother's Day – you make the extra effort.

A little appreciation

Despite the fact that it shouldn't take one day of the year to acknowledge the monumental work they do, Mother's Day is still a chance to show some appreciation for mums nationwide.

Whether it's your own mum, the mother of your children or any person who fills that maternal role, one day of extra-attentive indulgence shouldn't be too difficult an ask considering all the things they do for us.

But nailing the perfect gift that sums up all our appreciation can sometimes be a bit of a headscratcher. To say the least.

So what do mothers actually want?

Time and moments

For Min Writer, a Studio Manager at a creative studio in Sydney, Mother's Day is about shared experience more than a day of material gifts.

"Mother's Day means taking time to thank your mum and making her feel loved," she muses.


"[We] Koreans celebrate Parent's Day in May – there's no 'mother's or father's' day – with carnations and gifts are given and a traditional song is sung as well. But I definitely want a quiet sleep in, lunch out somewhere nice and dinner made for me. No breakfast in bed, though. It's not very comfy and I don't want crumbs ending up in bed."

A chance to rest

For first-time mother Rebecca Flint, it's time for herself and with the family.

"All I want is one full night of sleep," she says.

"I then want my husband to take the baby out and let me sleep in. Then I'd like to go out for breakfast. I don't really want anything material, only to sleep and then spend time with the family."

Everyone loves to be spoilt

For Sydney-based entrepreneur Bronwyn Gascoigne, Mother's Day is a great excuse to be spoilt.

"Everyone loves to be spoilt," she says.

"It's a great day but there are so many different facets because I have a mum and I am a mum.

"My mother also doesn't like cut flowers – never give her flowers, forget it! She's totally practical. She doesn't want the stock-standard 'let's go to coffee or breakfast and I'll give you a bunch of flowers or some chocolate'. Doesn't wash with my mum. But for me, yeah I totally love flowers, chocolates and candles and breakfast in bed."

Think outside the box

There's no denying, however, that waking up to a surprise gift is still a nice way to start the day. Even if she does swear that all she'd like is a sleep in.

This could range from the more traditional (yet completely practical) gifts such as sleepwear to more creative ones like a seven-course dessert degustation experience.

Because no two mums are alike, creating the perfect gift list is a feat. But consider it a starting point of inspiration to find something that expresses the amount of gratitude you have for the mum(s) in your life.

Just remember to still show it for the other 364 days of the year too.

Check out the gallery above for some inspirational Mother's Day gift ideas.