The style file: stars who still have it

In this celebrity-addled culture of ours, no one enjoys quite the same level of adulation as movie stars.Their influence reaches beyond the small and silver screens and can greatly inflate the stocks of a company if the actor in question is seen sporting one of their products.

But beyond the marketing of watches and luxury cars by the stars of today, the allure of personal celebrity style can transcend an individual’s 15 or so minutes of fame and leave a lasting legacy that impacts what folk are wearing decades into the future. Though, not all.

Here’s a list of the Hollywood heart-throbs who are still making waves in the fashion world, and some who now just look like your once-cool but now daggy dad.


James Dean

If you like nothing more than taking off your suit and slipping into a pair of jeans and a simple white tee when you get home from work, then you have James Dean to thank. The iconic fashioned figure made casual cool for guys and gave all of you weekend rebels the opportunity to wear leather jackets without a hog by your side.

Frank Sinatra

Many people remember ol’ blue eyes as a singer but he also forged a successful path as an actor – picking up an Academy Award for his performance in From Here to Eternity. With his tailor-made suits and his trademark fedora, there’s a reason why his dapper sense of dress has maintained its relevance for the past 60 years.

Johnny Depp


He’s still with us, but seeing as Mr Depp has a couple of kids and a career spanning back almost 30 years he has well and truly found a place in the trendsetting hall of fame. Placing his early rock star look in context to his currently favoured wardrobe of hats, jackets and flowing scarves, Depp is most definitely his own man and acts as a guide to those looking to stray ever so slightly from the well-trodden fashion path.


David Hasselhoff

Back in the mid-‘80s, every guy wanted The Hoff’s life. Let’s call it the Knight Rider effect. Already on the outs by the time he hit Baywatch, the man and his artificially intelligent car KITT were the definition of covetous cool. And, by extension, so was his wardrobe. Fast-forward three decades and his belted Harry Highpants look is almost as laughable as his continued penchant for the unbuttoned, wide-lapelled shirt under a leather jacket look.

John Travolta

Thank to Grease, Travolta came to define cool in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Though the greasy quiff and muscle tees caused something of a ’50s revival at the time, even the most rockin' of rockabillies would think his look as more of a fancy dress option as opposed to workaday wear. Sadly, like many the rest of the names on the not-so hot list, the popularity of the actor himself has waned at the same rate as his most iconic on-set style.

Tom Cruise

Last, but certainly not least, we have Tom Cruise. His erratic personality and suspect spiritual beliefs aside, the actor was the man a few short decades ago. Though he’s still kicking around with somewhat limited critical success today, it’s his early work that most of us choose to remember. From Top Gun to Cocktail, he really earned his stripes. But it was Risky Business where his style reigned supreme. Shirt and undies singing aside, and though Ray Ban owes the continued popularity of Wayfarers to him, a black t-shirt and cheesy uncle-looking grey sports coat combo has not stood the test of time.

Who else do you think deserves an honourable mention – or dishonourable discharge – from the Hollywood wardrobe of fame?