The world's most expensive sushi

Sushi, generally speaking, is a cheap meal you can pick up at your local Japanese takeaway for less than $10. One Manila-based chef has more lofty ideas for the humble dish, though, creating sushi with gold and pearls that will really blow your lunch money.

Angelito Araneta, known locally as the Karat Chef because of his penchant for the glittery stuff, has come up with a five-piece nigiri roll that will shake out your pockets to the tune of $US1900 ($2628), making it the most expensive sushi in the world.

Using gold leaf instead of the traditional nori seaweed pushes up the price a tad, as does the garnish of African diamonds and Palawan pearls (which it's not recommended you actually eat). Other primo ingredients include foie gras and Norwegian pink salmon.

Araneta's so-called Sushi Del Oriente isn't the first gold-plated cuisine he has come up with. His Facebook page features images of golden eggs, and a gold-covered dragon made from sugar.

Mmm, golden donuts

Continuing with the Filipino theme, Bjorn De La Cruz from the Manila Social Club in Brooklyn, New York, serves up his Golden Cristal Ube Donuts to cashed-up hipsters.

The donut, made from purple yam (ube), is infused with a jelly of Cristal champagne before being smothered in 24 karat gold dust and 24 karat gold leaf. At $US100 per donut (a dozen will set you back $US1000) they aren't cheap (and you'll probably be backing out gold bricks for a week).

One dessert to rule them all

Australia's most expensive dessert makes the Filipinos look cheap. At $150,000, The Ring in the Night experience offered by the Hilton Brisbane on Valentine's Day comes with a 5-carat diamond ring hidden inside a white chocolate dome filled with Persian fairy floss, strawberry ice cream, strawberry and white chocolate mousse, and white chocolate soil.


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Brisbane-based jewellery designer Adam Graham collaborated with the Hilton to create the dessert, which includes a private consultation to visit him at his studio before the big splurge.

The dessert is served as part of a six-course dinner and a bottle of Dom Perignon vintage.

Say cheesy

If you're on a budget but still looking to splurge, you could head to the Sydney Opera House's Bennelong Restaurant and fork out $22 for Australia's most expensive cheese toastie. It isn't covered in gold and you won't find a diamond ring inside, but it is stuffed with black truffles and five different kinds of cheese.