The world's most expensive toothbrush

If you've ever dreamt of brushing your teeth with a gold toothbrush, a titanium toothbrush is probably the next best thing.

Retailing for $US4200 ($4800), the Reinast Luxury Toothbrush is the most expensive toothbrush on earth.

And it's not even electric.

So what makes it so special? The company claims that its design, durability, and specially trademarked anti-bacterial coating make it worth the hefty price tag.

This is not the type of toothbrush you would throw away, either. Instead, the bristle head detaches from the metal base so you can ditch it and replace it.

The brush comes with a free three-year service plan of new bristle heads every six months (a service that is "naturally at no charge," according to the website). After that, Forbes reports that the plans get a bit more expensive: $US400 for five years, $US800 for seven years, or $US1600 for 11 years.

All for a toothbrush.

"The type of client we have in mind and are currently selling to are those with an incredibly high net-worth," Reinast chief technology officer Dr Djorde Djokovic explained to Gizmodo. "It's for people who can spend this amount of money on a product they deem beautiful. And one that doesn't exist on the market elsewhere."

And, it turns out, some billionaires are surprisingly willing to shell out $4800 on a toothbrush. Djokovic told Gizmodo that at least one Middle Eastern sultan gives them out as gifts.

For those billionaires who don't enjoy the taste of metal in their mouths in the morning, Reinast also offers "bumpers" to cover the brush end of the tool for that familiar plasticky feel — because you should always have the option of feeling like you're brushing with a $5 toothbrush with a tootbrush that actually cost $4800.