To the men who moisturise

Have you upped the ante on "beauty" products? Have you become high maintenance without even realising it?

I'm starting to wonder if I have. The other night, as I was getting into bed, I asked my wife if she'd seen my "man night moisturiser". I hadn't and I'd been looking for it because I needed it.

If she was a different sort of woman she might have said, "it's with your man night serum and your man night eye cream". I would not have detected any facetiousness because I would have found this information useful. You see, I do actually use man serum and man eye cream.

Instead, she simply laughed. At me.

How did this happen? I could take the obvious escape route and blame this blog, but to be honest I've been using "male grooming" products for quite a while. If you could see my face, you would agree it's been worth it. Beautiful, me.

Which leads me to wonder what now is my bare minimum. What else can I no longer do without? Foot cream? Use it every morning before I put on my socks and the feet are as soft as a baby's. Styling paste? Hair's never looked better. Cleanser? Softens the whiskers before the daily shave.

Somehow all these non-essentials have become essential. When I travel anywhere I need the large wash bag.

But if I was to go camping this summer - and I'd like to - I like to think that my wash bag would comprise toothpaste and brush, shampoo and sunscreen. I like to envisage myself doing without floss and conditioner and, well, soap - let alone my man moisturiser that hydrates, polishes and refreshes my complexion.

But I do wonder how well I'd cope.

Gents, what handsomeness products (it's better than calling them beauty products) can't you live without?