Top menswear trends at the 2016 Polo in the City

Separates, neutral colours and a statement blazer were the main style trends adopted by men at this year's Polo in the City in Melbourne's Albert Park.

The event has become another marker in the calendar for men who enjoy the opportunity to flex some stylish muscle, with matches now held in five capital cities across Australia.

More laid back than spring carnival, Polo in the City is a chance for guys to get creative with their wardrobes but without the rigid rules of race season.

Comfortable details

Call it sartorial fatigue, but this year gents seemed clearly done with the over-the-top fanfare of spring carnival instead embracing a more pared-back approach that favoured details and comfort over more bold choices.

Instead, outfits comprised of contrasting blazers and chinos – either in tonal shades of grey and beige or more nautically inspired blues with the occasional pop of pink – were everywhere. And the only concession to a formal accessory was the pocket square, with nary a tie to be seen in favour for a relaxed open collar. It was a deliberate dressing down adopted by those in the most formal of attire, a three-piece suit.

Mankle alert

As opposed to the strict traditions of Flemington, Polo in the City is a far more relaxed affair. Nowhere was this more apparent than with the number of bare ankles – or 'mankles' if you will – on display over the weekend.

A cardinal sin at the Melbourne Cup but clearly de rigueur for this event and rather handy if you need to kick your shoes off for the traditional half-time divot stomp.

For footwear, loafers in a million shades of tan, brown, and fawn were the preferred shoe of the day.

There are two more Polo in the City events to come: Perth on December 3rd and Adelaide December 9th. 

Check out the gallery above to see the best men's style from the polo.