Travel smarter: tech to help you travel like a pro

Performing at your peak while traversing the globe is a serious endeavour for the modern traveller.

Whether you're bouncing into a boardroom moments after stepping off the jetway, or jamming as many sightseeing hours as you can into the day, staying alert, productive and presentable is the goal.

Technological innovation being what it is in 2016, there are naturally some smart solutions to get you from A to B and back again in the most comfortable and sleekest style possible.

A dream to remember

If you're in a position to choose your flight route based on your preferred aircraft, it's worth seeking out the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Launched into service in 2012, the Dreamliner features cutting-edge technology designed to reduce the fatigue of long-haul flight.

Intelligent LED lighting allows the crew to dial up warm hues inside the cabin to match the setting sun outside, or awaken weary travellers from their slumber with bright, cool morning light. There's even a disco setting.

To encourage blood flow to body and mind, the atmosphere inside the cabin is pressurised to 6000 feet, compared to the normal 8000. The latter thinner air experienced on most other aircraft results in less oxygen reaching the blood, leaving you susceptible to headaches and fatigue.

With a combination of smart travel choices and even smarter devices, you can now cross the globe and dominate the boardroom without missing a beat.

The sound of silence

If you prefer to block out the world when you settle in for a long work session, or simply like to immerse yourself in a good movie or music at 30,000 feet, a pair of active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones are a must.


In layman's terms, ANC headphones sample the sound in the environment around you and produce 'anti-sound' to cancel out extraneous noise.

The resulting reduction in ambient noise should aid concentration and improve your productivity, or simply help you get a little shut-eye.

Better living through chemistry

If you regularly travel across multiple time zones, dealing with jetlag while your body syncs with a new day/night cycle can be anywhere from annoying to a downright nightmare.

An easy solution to this first-world problem can be found in a traveller favourite, known as Melatonin – a neuro-hormone produced by the body's pineal gland to induce sleep.

Available in Australia by prescription, once at your destination just take the recommended dosage before turning in and your body will do the rest.

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