Twelve of the best luxury men's backpacks

Would you pay $4000 for a backpack? Plenty of men do. Every luxury designer worth its salt has a high-end, strapped-up man bag in the current collection.

The one-time student special is now an elaborate, fashion-forward essential, with sharp detailing, padded laptop compartments and gadget pockets as standard.

"It's a return to the masculine, urban, global male," says Graeme Lewsey, the director of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. "People love the concept of being an urban nomad."

These 'flash-packs' are made from the finest leather, technical printed fabrics, sharp suedes or indestructible nylon, and can ben taken from the airport to the meeting room in a single day.

"It's the idea that you put your backpack on and you're ready to jump on the next plane to the next city. That in itself is a cool thing," Lewsey says.

Go for a splash of colour with hip Japanese brand Master Piece, or get on board the backpack that started the trend; Louis Vuitton's 'Michael' backpack, loved by rappers and business moguls alike.

"The motivation is definitely cool factor because [backpacks] don't perhaps have the security of a tote, where you can keep a close eye on your stuff," Lewsey says.

Click through the gallery above for some of our favourite luxe men's backpacks available now.