Vestiaire Collective is where watch lovers go to buy and sell their Rolexes

The rise of pre-owned luxury fashion is more than just a sustainable gesture, and in the hands of French company Vestiaire Collective, there's a movement of slow fashion chasers keen to cling to luxury's every sartorial breath.

The website's co-founder, Fanny Moizant, is appearing at VAMFF to talk business, the obsession with luxury's past and what men really do when they shop online.

The French-born, Hong Kong-based entrepreneur is versed in all things digital media, gets her kicks from understanding algorithm and is expanding the empire to include standalone portals in Australia with Japan and Korea, Singapore and China soon to follow.

Rapid expansion

Europe's mightiest force in the secondhand marketplace, Vestiaire Collective have more than six million members in over 50 countries. Having only launched nine years ago, according to Moizant they never anticipated to become the success story it has.

"There are no boundaries in fashion anymore," says Fanny Moizant.

"The fashion industry has been forced to go global because of technology. What is happening in the world is reflected in retail and we have to shift the way we do business if we are to survive. When we launched Vestiaire, it was solely a French business and French website – but the demand was there from other parts of the world."

Good genes

Moizant says her company's success comes down to knowing its product, being inherently French in DNA and where personal communication with customers is the essence of good business practice.

What's more, Moizant states she has the proof that men love to shop for luxury fashion online just as much as their female counterparts.

"The key is marketing your product in the right way and knowing the consumer wants a true relationship with your brand. We do that," she explains.


"We tailor newsletters according to your fashion appetite and we know what you love when you come to browse our site. This is digital's advantage over retail stores because we have data and build profiles on customers and can target their fashion palette accordingly," she says.

Watch this space

Men love a swap and bop moment online – they head to Vestiaire Collective for essentials like luxury watches, sneakers and leather goods.

According to Moizant, if you're thinking of selling your spare Rolex and unsure what price to pitch it for, a team of specialists can be approached online to help you.

"We have an algorithm matching your criteria and what is the resale price for the type of product you wish to sell. We then have a fashion curator team who can confirm or suggest a price according to what's been sold before," says Moizant.

Sustainable futures

VAMFF CEO Graeme Lewsey first met Moizant in Sydney last year when she was launching the local arm of her business. He says she's a perfect fit for the festival's business seminar given the industry's desire to be more sustainable in their fashion footprint.

"Sustainability is a taboo subject. When you mention that word people think of hemp product and greenies," jokes Lewsey.

"Fanny is teaching humans the need to value their purchase, to buy better and understand their commodity in clothing. She's doing a great job in repackaging what is essentially a secondhand product and upcycling it into a glamorous op shop online. It's topical and relevant more than ever now and that's why we've invited her to Melbourne."