What does your suit say about you?

Which country can lay claim to creating the ultimate suit – the Italians, the French or the British?

I first stoked the fires of this debate with colleagues several years ago, which quickly turned into an all-night verbal battlefield. 

We all know the luxury brands who could fit the bill, yet today, even they are fighting for share in a crowded market jammed with new labels offering relaxed fits, casual linens and shorter, non-traditional leg lengths.

An impeccably tailored suit is already a statement of affluence and taste, where the cut and style speak volumes about you even before a single word is spoken. From a woman's perspective, suits are to us what lingerie is to you.

Here are five modern suits based on sexiness and emotion, which are your true indicators to whether you've selected the right suit.

The precious metal

Brioni suit.

Brioni has been dressing James Bond since 1995 and that alone should be enough to place the label fair and square on your consideration list. But the stand-out point of a Brioni suit is the super-luxurious fabric created specifically for their top tier collection.

The Vanquish II fabric is a concoction of the rarest fibres in the world – qiviuk, pashmina and vicuna – and is the brainchild of Jules Dormeuil, who has mixed the best British and French cloth to create the most luxurious outcome. Only 100 suits are handmade each year, and the stitching is made from white gold.

The godfather

Zegna suit.

Ermenegildo Zegna is the first word you need to learn when you land in Italy as a way of initiation into the family. This suit brand has built a global reputation as one of the most innovative menswear companies around.

Although more than a century old, Zegna has tapped into cutting-edge fabric techniques that incorporate heat- and cold- resistant suiting, stain-resistant materials and crease-repelling fabrics. Beyond the technology, the brand established the Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Awards in 1963 to reward Australian merino wool breeders for their commitment to quality.

The sexiest suit alive

Tom Ford suit.

In 2006, Tom Ford created his namesake label after leaving Gucci and leveraged the new brand to be the epitome of the modern day gentleman's attire. A Tom Ford suit oozes sex appeal.

The suit shapes you classically with strong shoulders, a fitted waist and a flattering cut on the trousers that lengthens the legs. If you want to feel captivating, provocative, stylish and intelligent, Australian luxury menswear store Harrolds has a special corner dedicated to the Tom Ford range.

The cool Italian

Lubiam suit.

I've been keeping this brand under my stylist radar for a while, but I just can't keep quiet about Lubiam any more. Since 1911, Lubiam has been run by the Bianchi family who create incredibly chic, high-tech and innovative designer suits.

With impeccable cuts and three-dimensional structures, these elements give the garments purposeful movement. Lubiam's interpretation of luxury calls upon the local Italian producers to create the best quality blends of wool, silk and cashmere. Oh, and did I mention the uber coolness?

Romantic suit

P. Johnson suit.

There is something about the Aussie tailoring firm P. Johnson Tailors that radiates a 'make local go global' feel. The suits are supportive yet lightweight for the Australian climate, and exude function and beauty as well as the importance of a garment feeling like your second skin. P. Johnson understands a man wants to feel alive and charismatic in his suit.

Honorary mentions: Dior Homme and Givenchy's new Tuxedo Collection.

These are a handful among many incredibly talented labels that produce beautiful suiting for men. It does, however, take time to find them.  

Each maker and each suit will exude a particular look, character and sense of wealth about them, so take your time and match your suit to your true inner self.

Who makes the best suit? Let us know in the comments.

Extensive experience within retail trend analysis companies has earned Louise Edmonds street cred in the luxury menswear sector. The founder of MenStylePower.com utilises her passion and understanding of fashion to deliver a fresh, edgy take on men's style.