Where to find the most expensive cocktails in Sydney

Sydney's detractors would likely proffer there is nothing more emblematic of the Emerald City than a flashy, expensive cocktail.

In something of a micro and potentially growing trend there are now three venues around Sydney offering a signature drink with a three figure price tag.

But the creator of the latest offering argues it is actually great value drinking at $100 a pop.

A million cheers

The Millionaire's Margarita is the headline act at Bar Patrón by Rockpool, a new Mexican restaurant and bar opened in March by Rockpool Dining Group in partnership with Patrón Tequila.

Glistening with gold leaf and containing "nitro-blasted finger lime pearls", national bar manager Ryan Gavin's top priced creation comes in limited edition, numbered glassware adorned with an artist-designed glass ornament inspired by Patrón's bee symbol.

Rockpool culinary director Neil Perry has overseen the dining menu, while Gavin has masterminded the cocktails.

The statement drink

Served tableside from a bespoke Patrón Tequila trolley, Gavin says the Millionaire's Margarita is already proving a hit both with curious drinkers and those who want to make a statement.

"The 'millionaire' has been pretty popular actually, I think we've sold around a dozen of them so far," he says.

"It is a bit of a status symbol to everyone else sitting in the restaurant… you do see heads turn because it is quite a theatric demonstration we do."


While the cocktail has clearly been designed with media coverage in mind (guilty as charged), Gavin says it should be considered quite apart from other high roller cocktails that are purely publicity stunts.

Diamond drinks

In 2013, Crown Melbourne's Club 23 bar famously created a $12,500 cocktail designed to break the previous Guinness world record for the most expensive cocktail ever sold. The staged transaction was later revealed to be a sham, but the record stands.

More recently, the "world's most expensive margarita" went on sale at a Mexican restaurant in London for £50,000 ($92,000), containing two extremely rare tequilas and a 4.1 carat diamond garnish.

Next to these concoctions, Gavin's humble $100 margarita more closely resembles an everyday drink. And he argues it has real substance that justifies the price tag, beyond its theatrical flairs.

Mega mix

The Millionaire's Margarita contains a trio of super-premium and rare spirits – Patrón Gran Burdeos Extra Añejo Tequila, which is aged in Premier Cru Bordeaux barrels; 150-year old Grand Marnier Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire; and the 'King of Cognac', Remy Martin Louis XIII.

"To put it into context, we put a fairly healthy measure of the Gran Burdeos in the cocktail, which we sell at $95 per nip just on its own if you wanted to savour that as a tasting spirit," Gavin says.

"So for an extra $5 you get the full presentation of a cocktail in front of you in this ornamental glass with a little gold leaf and a bit of a show as well, so it really does speak of value with substance behind it as well.

"We didn't want to make a gratuitous cocktail with expensive ingredients that really had no substance. We wanted to present something that that was not out of reach of the general public," says Gavin.

Patrón is the exclusive tequila on the drinks menu, which also offers five limited and numbered barrel select tequilas distilled exclusively for the venue, as well as the rare Patrón en Lalique Serie 1 and 2.

A holy trinity

Bar Patrón by Rockpool joins two other Sydney venues already offering cocktails with three figure price tags.

The '76 Negroni at eatery and bar Madame Shanghai in Darlinghurst which goes for $130, made using rare 1970s ingredients: 1976 Beefeater London Dry, 1970s Campari and 1976 Cinzano Antica.

And The No.10 Rum and Rye Old Fashioned at Kittyhawk at an eye watering $250 and Australia's most expensive Old Fashioned cocktail, blending Michter's Rye 25 year old and Bacardi Facundo Eximo Rum.

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