Glenfiddich launches limited edition menswear collection

If there's one thing the fashion world loves, it's a collaboration. Celebrity designer and sportswear company, designer label and mass market retailer, rapper and luxury brand; we've seen them all.

But if you think there's nothing new in the world of fashion collaborations, you might just be surprised by this one.

From highlands to high street

Josh Peskowitz, the former fashion director at Bloomingdales and all round style heavy-hitter has just designed and curated an exclusive menswear collection in collaboration with Glenfiddich – yep, the Glenfiddich that makes a darn nice single malt.

According to Glenfiddich, the collection is "inspired by the luxury and authenticity of Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Reserva Rum Cask Finish", hence the collection's name, Wardrobe XXI. In other words, brand marketing.

While quality whisky and quality menswear have always cuddled up pretty close over the last ten years (see any one of the umpteen 'gentleman's guides to whisky'), no one could have predicted that they would actually jump into bed together. You might think they'll regret it in the morning, but going by the results there is no need for self-reproach on either side.

Fashionable companions

The key reasons are that this small collection – there's only four garments – is innovative in shape and cut and most crucially, is made not by a bunch of Speyside whisky makers (heaven forbid) but some seriously fine manufactures from all around the world.

There's a white cashmere shirt by US shirtmaker Hamilton, a knee length tweed coat by UK label E. Tautz, an unstructured tartan suit by renowned Japanese brand Camoshita United Arrows, and a Chelsea boot by US-Australian label Feit.

"Josh is actually an old friend of mine," says Tull Price, founder of Feit. "I guess they approached him to put together a bunch of brands or people that he felt were artisanal and had a focus on craft and quality, and we were the people that he asked to do the shoes."

Single malt inspiration

Using the Glenfiddich colour palette for inspiration, Feit came up with a chocolate brown suede Chelsea boot.


"It's all hand made with a hand-sewn Goodyear construction on a vibram rubber outsole," says Price.

This will be well received by anyone still reeling from Stella McCartney's decision to feature men sporting socks and sandals in her inaugural menswear range. However, the chances of anyone in Australia landing a pair a slim indeed as only 40 pairs made, all of which will be sold in a select number of US stores.

Oh well, down a dram instead and hope such innovative collections don't just come around once every 21 years.