Why Mr Porter's The Japan Edit should be your next big style investment

The Japanese take their fashion very seriously, with an attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship that rarely falters. In fact, so serious they've overtime managed to become the go-to country for trend hunters seeking the best in fabrics and style innovations traditionally associated with other countries.

A good example being denim. Historically linked with the town of Nimes in France before settling in the USA, Japan is now unquestionably ground zero for the world's best denim used by some of the biggest brands around the world.

This isn't to mention the ability of fashionistas in Japan to take a trend spotted elsewhere and make it uniquely theirs. Anyone familiar with the iconic FRUiTS magazine documenting street style in Tokyo's Harajuku district will recall how inventive interpretations of global trends became once they reached the streets of Japan.

So in many ways it goes without saying that luxury online portal Mr Porter should tap into this ethos with its latest capsule collection, "The Japan Edit'.

"Following the success of our Made in California and Vive La France collections, we were inspired to honour another world capital for men's style – Japan," explains Daniel Todd, senior buyer at Mr Porter

"We know that Japanese brands resonate well with our global customer base. These capsule collections are the perfect way to pay tribute to brands that we have worked with for years and to celebrate new brands we've just come to know."

To create the capsule collection, Mr Porter teamed up with the 15 of Japan's coolest brands, including Ambush, Beams, Kapital, and cult must-have Wacko Maria x Fragment Design. The entire range includes 122 pieces ranging from clothing to footwear and accessories. 

"Many of the brands, like Beams Plus, Blackmeans and Remi Relief have been partners of ours for years, so we already had the relationship," explains Todd.

"We also had a number of brands, like Needles, Auralee, Ambush and Human Made, who had been on our radar for some time and this felt like the right season to begin a new partnership with them.

"We felt all these brands would add an original perspective on Japanese style whilst also introducing beautiful product and fresh elements to the overall collection."

Check out the gallery above to see our selection from Mr Porter's The Japan Edit.