Why rolling your pants cuff is still the easiest style update you can do

There are trends that come and go; ones you "think how the hell did they ever come in"... and how have they ever come back?

But the bare ankle with rolled up trouser is not one of them. Despite what some in the industry have recently said.

First up, as a Sydney-sider, the bare ankle from-breakfast-to-office-to-bar couldn't be more appropriate - primarily since we're lucky enough to never suffer a real winter. And for those south of the border, it's a chance to flash your quality boots and colourful socks.

Generally speaking, the average Aussie bloke can struggle with trends, particularly finding one that they can work and work well. But a rolled cuff is one you can rarely stuff up. It allows for us gents to feel like they're participating in fashion  without it being too much of a risk.

Location, location

One of the biggest indicators of style to come is annual Florentine men's trade fair, Pitti Uomo.

The men in attendance are at the forefront of the industry and the style game. And if there was one visual cue more common than a three-piece suit, it was the presence of a bare ankle.

And if the oft-voted most stylish nation in the world is happy to roll a pant leg or two as they walk in front of timeless monuments like the Palazzo Medici Riccardi and the Gucci Garden, then it's definitely good enough for an Australian male kicking back in the Palazzo Versace or their favourite beer garden.

Keeping it real

Mind you, like any good thing there are occasions when it can get taken too far.

Or too high as the case may be.


A good rule of thumb when it comes to rolling your cuff is no more than three. Any more than this will create a bulkier fold, defeating the purpose of folding in the first place. It should also allow  your pants finish comfortable on the knuckle of your ankle, or just below and still an inch above the top of your shoe. Neat, tight, stylish.

But just to be sure you know every trick of the trade, here are a few other hands-one rules to follow that will basically make you an origami master.

White trousers

  • Keep it simple and wear tan or black, woven leather loafers, slippers or brogues.
  • Definitely match your belt and tuck your shirt in. This conscious continuity helps balance an outfit.

Wearing black

  • Don't be afraid to clash tan with all black for a sharp, stylish mid-season look.
  • If you do need a belt, keep this one black to match the pants and not break the length of the leg.

Wearing denim

  • Ensure you keep the roll up on either leg even. Trousers you can get away with them being a bit more haphazard thanks to a softer fabric.
  • Skip the dress shoe in favour of a sneaker.
  • If you're sporting a boot, this is the only instance you can roll a little higher - but still lower than the top of the boot.

Looser trousers

  • Be precise about the length of your trousers. Very precise.
  • A more advanced step is to roll the trouser to tighten the cuff, creating a carrot-cut style that tapers down at the bottom. Not for the faint of heart!

The best thing about this trend? It's versatile. It's comfortable. And all it takes to really rock is a few flick of the wrists.  And what could be more simple, and stylish than that?