World Whisky Day 2017: 10 innovative global whiskies you need to try

Any of you clever folk celebrating World Whisky Day this weekend? If you haven't heard, there's now a global day dedicated to whisky. It's Saturday May 20, and so vital have these days become to the modern imbiber's calendar of events, I sometimes wonder how we used to enjoy a drink without them.

World Whisky Day (WWD) was founded in 2012 by Blair Bowman, a young Scot who saw World Gin Day taking off and decided the juniper fiends were having way too fun; whisky needed its own day, too.

Bowman sold the event to Hot Rum Cow in 2015, an Edinburgh-based drinks magazine run by a content marketing agency, and there are now hundreds of events marking the day in over 30 countries – and almost 30 in Australia alone.

Refreshingly, WWD celebrates whiskies made right around the globe, an approach this correspondent genuinely commends (to restore balance to the force, the Scots even responded this year with the inaugural International Scotch Day).

Of course, we should naturally tip our hats to the Scots on such a day. After all, it was the success of blended Scotch that transformed whisky into a global spirit in the last century (Australia was actually pivotal in this development, being the biggest export market for Scotch pre-World War II).

Today, an international brigade of innovators are enriching the whisky category with their own styles and cultures. So while you should rightfully charge your glasses with your old favourites this weekend, in the spirit of the event, it's worth keeping an eye out for the brands and distilleries driving the category forward this century.

Check out the gallery above for some of the most innovative whiskies from around the globe.

And to find an Australian World Whisky Day event near you, visit the website.