Dolce and Gabbana leather oxford brogues.

Stitched Up

Stylish from the ground up

A great pair of dress shoes can be the anchor around which to build a man's entire wardrobe.

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Well heeled

Style from the ground up

Some think a man's shoes 'say everything about his self esteem and his personality', so what do your shoes say about you?

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Shoe splurge

If the shoe fits buy it, no matter the cost

They are splashing out more than ever on designer suits and other upscale threads, but when it comes to their shoes - good quality and classic styles still trump the fickle tides of fashion for the Aussie male.

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Black and Tan

Nike apologises over 'insensitive' Black and Tan sneakers

Nike, the sportswear company, has apologised after issuing a St Patrick's Day-themed training shoe which raised memories of a British paramilitary unit notorious for terrorising Irish Roman Catholics in the 1920s.

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bespoke shoes

Bespoke shoes

The Perfect Fit

George Street might just be the heart and sole of the bespoke shoe business in Sydney, with a history that steps back to the 1850s.

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Foot fashion

If the sports shoe fits

Call them sneakers, trainers, athletic shoes or runners, but sizing up the embarrassment of rubber-soled riches on offer these days can be a daunting task.

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Boot camp

Sole searching

When did my feet get so old? The en trend shoes that filled my closet and completed a 'look,' now get me “looks” and not the kind that say “hey great shoes mate”.

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